Blackjack Strategy

Play Blackjack Blackjack strategies can make it easier to play and win at Blackjack. Strategies will guide during the game and help you make better decisions. Keep reading to learn how to distinguish between the good and the bad strategies available!

There are tons of Blackjack strategies, gaming systems and tables. Their purpose is to help you get closer to your goal and beat the dealer’s hand. JohnSlots has looked into many strategies and listed their favorites to help beginners, hobbyists and even pro players.


What is Blackjack strategy

A Blackjack strategy is a tactic, or plan that is used to play Blackjack. It is simply your default approach to the game. Having a strategy is a game plan that tells you how to play by giving you the answer to how best to react in different game scenarios. Important to note is that the strategies are only guidelines with general tips and advice. There are no set laws or rules that you should slavishly follow. For a Blackjack to really work, it requires both understanding of the game and a sense of Blackjack.

Blackjack strategies

The strategies listed below are for those with a basic knowledge of the Blackjack and who want to take their game to the next level. If you are unfamiliar with the rules of Blackjack and want to better understand how to play the game, you can click through to JohnSlots Blackjack games and play for free. You will unlimited access to play for free and practice as often as you like.


Blackjack strategy for beginners

Blackjack is one of the few casino games whose outcome is affected by the player’s skill. Chance still plays a crucial role because you are dealt random cards which to play with. When you’re ready to start your Blackjack career, you can start from the basics and work your way up. The basic strategy is involves tables. These proved a mathematical system giving you the best moves for each new hand.



Strategy charts will list possible hand values and tell you how to play based on this value. One table axis will show the possible values of your hand and the other side will list possible values of the dealer’s hand. By evaluating each value, you can determine what your next move is. A table is constructed and marked with different colours and combinations of letters. Below, is the significance of the letter combination that will make up many tables. Note that the following table is a simpler type, and will lack some of the following letters. A: stand H: Look/ take a new card D: Double DS: Twin (stop if it is not allowed.) P: Splitting H/P: Split (double after splitting) H/R: Lie (stop after splitting) D/P: Double after splitting H/R: Lie (take another card if allowed) S/R: Lie (stop if it is not allowed) S/P: Split (double after splitting) These figures and boxes can be confusing at first, but eventually the pieces will fall together. Study the table and get help from our information above. Soon, you will understand the logic. JohnSlots best advice is that you take the chance to test out these strategies and tables using our free play Blackjack. Remember that this table is designed for classic Blackjack. It works perfectly fine with other Blackjack variants, but there will be better options such as Blackjack High Roller, or Blackjack double. There are also tables adapted to the dealers up card, but we recommend using one based on the player’s cards.


Blackjack strategy for intermediate and pros

There are no direct strategies for the intermediate player, or professionals who have already mastered basic strategy and who wish to advance. The ability to use advanced strategies are more for offline than online. As a middle, or professional player, it’s more about applying the extended tables and using the assistance of betting strategies and gambling systems.


Blackjack systems vs. blackjack strategies

Blackjack betting systems are often confused with blackjack strategies. The difference is that a wagering system dictates how much to be on each hand, while a strategy tells you how to act according to different game situations. Different Blackjack Betting Systems


Martingale – double your bet when you lose

This is the world most famous and fabled betting system. The Martingale system starts by deciding on a starting bet to begin with. If you win, you make the same bet as the last one. If you lose, the bet is doubled on the next hand. If you lose again, the bet is doubled again. Once you win, you go back to the starting bet amount. Martingale system may sound like an unbeatable system but this requires you to have a large budget. The risk is great for you to use your entire bankroll before you win.


Paroli – increase bets when you win

The Paroli wagering system dictates that you decide a starting bet before each game. You start from this basic bet and double it each time you win. Every time you win, the bet is doubled once again. If you lose, you go back to the original bet you started with. Paroli is also known as reverse Martingale and also requires you to have a large budget to support losses.


Parlay – when you win, you bet the previous amount plus your winnings

Parlay is one of the most extreme betting systems. Parlay can give you the chance to win big, but when you lose, you lose it all. It’s a high risk system that requires the player to be calm and sensible.


Labouchere – your bet is determined by a set series of numbers

Labouchere is a proven system that has produced mixed results over the years. You select a series of numbers before you start playing. You may use any numbers such as 2,3,4,5. Your initial bet is the sum of the first two numbers. This would give you a bet of in the example. If you lose, you add your loss to the series of numbers to the right and use the same formula as before to place your next bet. Let’s say you lost 2, then this becomes your bet; 2+2 =4. If you win, you cross out the two outermost numbers and will then add 3+5.


The aforementioned betting systems can be lucrative in the short term, but rarely win in the long run. It depends on the budget you have for the game. All systems work very well when you win, but poorly when you lose.