Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo Quest is a game that features adventurer Gonzo on his hunt for lost treasures. He travels across land and sea through the jungle and dark temples in dire search for riches. Your major role is to follow him up and definitely spin up the magic symbols to him.

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo Quest is a game that features adventurer Gonzo on his hunt for lost treasures. He travels across land and sea through the jungle and dark temples in dire search for riches. Your major role is to follow him up and definitely spin up the magic symbols to him.


Gonzo´s Quest Free Spins

Gonzo´s Quest free spins is the perfect choice for you in case you need to play a little bit more real but do not want to deposit cash. In the real gaming you will be provided with various options and all you have to do at this point in time is just to pick up one and most probably enjoy playing the Gonzo Quest free spins. If you are that person who is willing to deposit but you prefer the free spins to the bonuses then rest assured you will be catered for. Playing with free money is the most favourable option because the other options in one way or the other may lead you to some miscalculation somewhere along the way. This is not a way of discrediting the free spins but truth be told-you have better chances of winning by depositing your own money. However the free spins are favourable for those who just need the fun part of it.

Gonzo´s Quest Bonus

The Gonzo´s Quest slot machine was developed by NetEnt and we have compiled a list of almost all the casinos that offer NetEnt slot machines and the various kinds of bonuses they offer to their customers. You just need to make the right click and right away obtain the bonus that is most suitable to you. If you can manage to shine in this game then you will be securing yourself a good bonus as well as a very good chance to win.

Gonzo´s Quest – How To Play?

The Gonzo´s Quest slot has a temple with dropping with magical symbols. The avalanche has some features that play a major role in assisting you win. The avalanche is actually a feature that drops stones and the more it does that the more your chances to win. The increase in the number of stones and profits come with every moment that you record a win.

Winning Symbols

Gonzo´s Quest has nine different symbols and among them there are seven of them that are prize symbols.

Gonzo´s Quest Jackpot

Although the Gonzo´s Quest has no progressive jackpots, one thing is for sure-you can still win big. If you happen to have the Dots man in five consecutive symbols with grey face that you see here above may be 2500 times the bet. The more you invest the more your chances of winning huge profits.

Gonzo´s Quest Mobile

The above mobile version works very well in all the casinos listed above. It is amazing to note that you can play Gonzo´s Quest on your mobile the same way you can do it on your computer. You also need to know that all the sound effects as well as the rest of features also work in the best way. However, to be able to play Gonzo´s Quest you must register an account. After that you will be free to play through the site of the company of your choice. Your chances of winning are not altered; you still maintain the same chances of winning as those you have when using a computer.

GONZO´S QUEST on iPhone and iPad

Gonzo´s Quest can also be played on iPhone and on the iPad. The popular slot machine is used in most of the Swedish casinos marketing. Playing through our links provides you with 50 free spins for as long as you have registered an account. By going directly to the registration page you will be in a position to download free spins in the shortest time possible.


Gonzo´s Quest also works quite well on android. The interesting bit is that there is no major difference with playing the game on android as compared to having played the same game on iPhone or your computer as well. In as much as the game was to be initially played on the iPhone it is very interesting to realize that you can as well play it on android quite successfully. Always remember that you have much better chances of winning by making a deposit unlike that moment you choose to play for free.

Gonzo´s Quest Features

AVALANCHE MULTIPLICATION Avalanche happens to be the most interesting bit of the Gonzo´s Quest. An increase in avalanche marks possible chances of taking the multiplier to a maximum of x15


Freefall is almost similar to the free spins on the second slot machines. Freefall symbols are part of the characteristics of this game. Remember that you can still make profits with the freefall.

Gonzo´s Quest RTP

RTP is unknown to many apart from the experienced casino players. RTP simply stands for return to player. RTP on the Gonzo´s Quest slot machine is 96 % and means that this is refund or the chance to win on the slot machine. Playing once in a while gives you better chances of recording a win.

Gonzo´s Quest Tips

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