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Mobile slot games can now more than hold their own against their desktop counterparts thanks to epic advances in mobile technology and casino game design.

This mobile slots guide will take you through everything you need to know about how to find and play the best mobile slot games around right now. We’ll walk you through all the pros and cons of playing at mobile casinos along with some handpicked suggestions on the best games and casinos to try.

Here at JohnSlots, we are constantly on the lookout for the best mobile slot games around. We have a dedicated team who work hard to bring you the best mobile slot games each and every week. Any potential games have to pass our stringent tests and only then is it suggested as a potential addition to your mobile gaming collection.

How do we rate mobile slots?

It’s very important that each potential mobile slot game is tested to its limits by the JohnSlots team. We want to be sure that the mobile slot games we are recommending can be played on any device, anywhere that the player chooses.

Checking device compatibility

There are quite literally thousands of different smartphone and tablet variations out there right now. While it’s not possible for us to test mobile slot games on all of them we use the most popular ones to check mobile compatibility.

Testing gameplay & graphics

Another very important factor in weighing up a mobile slot game is how it looks and plays. We need to see if any game can live up to the hype and is reliable to play no matter how many spins and taps you throw at it.

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Mobile Slots: Best Slot Games for Mobile

What are Mobile Slots?

Mobile slots are casino games which can easily adapt to work on any device that the players want to use. Using clever responsive design, mobile slot games will work seamlessly on tablets and smartphones, just like they would on a desktop screen.

Mobile slot features

New mobile slots need to have features which will help to give the player the best gaming experience possible on their device. Here are the ones to look for in a quality mobile casino game.

Touch screen

Any mobile slot worth your time needs to work perfectly on a touch screen and be just as responsive as the desktop version. This means that the buttons and features will need to be big enough to tap with a finger or thumb.

Horizontal v Vertical view

Most mobile slot games are designed to be played in a horizontal (landscape) view just like they would be on a desktop screen.

However, some clever game designers have started to make mobile games which work in a vertical (portrait) view as well. This is even better for players who like to enjoy their games on the go as it’s easier to hold a mobile one-handed this way round.

Mobile Slots: Best Slot Games for Mobile

Phone vs tablet

Should you use a mobile phone or a tablet to play mobile casino games? Each has their pros and cons which we’ve broken down for you here.

+ More portable – Less portable
+ Lightweight to carry – Heavier to carry around
+ Fit in your pocket – Need a case or bag
+ Always in your pocket – Not always with you
– Small screen for complex games + Bigger screen for complex games
– Harder to tap buttons + Easier to tap buttons
– Less battery power + Bigger battery power
– Recharge more often + Recharge less often

iPhone, iPad & Android

Mobile slots should work exactly the same regardless of the device you are using. If you have an iPhone, iPad or any Android device, you should have the same quality gaming experience.

The only obvious difference is the screen size of the device. That said, any well-built mobile slot game should be fully responsive and able to adapt to the size of the device’s screen.

One factor that can affect performance is the age of the mobile device being used. Older devices might not have such great processing power and therefore the performance of slot games could begin to lag slightly.

To ensure the best mobile slot gaming experience possible it’s best to be using a device which is no more than 2 to 3 years old. Also, always make sure that the operating system (OS) is fully up to date for optimal performance.

Mobile apps

Some online casinos will offer mobile apps to download for your device to help you play on the go. Other casinos stick with a fully responsive casino site design which allows you to play in the browser on your chosen device.

Both have their pros and cons, which we will take a look at below. The final choice really comes down to you as the player and what works best for your setup.

The best advice we can offer is to find a casino which you enjoy playing at and then check to see if they have a mobile app. A lot of the so-called slot machine apps that you will find in the iOS and Android app stores are poor quality free to play slots. It’s best to avoid these as some of them have been proven to be scams. Always stick to the mobile apps developed by known casino brands.

Mobile apps
+ In-app support usually available – Won’t work at all without a connection
+ Built specifically for your device’s OS – Often less seamless experience
+ Often superior graphics – Graphics might be lacking a bit
– They take up space on your device + No extra space used
– Apps need to be downloaded + No need to download anything
– Very few casinos offer this option + Most casinos work well on mobile
– Apps available mostly for iOS and Android + Works on all devices

Why Play Mobile Slots?

There are many advantages to playing mobile casino slots. Every day a growing number of players are discovering the plus points of enjoying some casino gaming on the go. Here are some solid reasons why you should consider joining the rapidly increasing ranks of mobile casino fans.

1. Play whenever and wherever

Playing mobile slots gives you ultimate casino freedom, so you’ll no longer be chained to the desktop PC in the corner of the room. Using a mobile device means just that, you are fully mobile and can play whenever and wherever you happen to be. All you need is a data connection and you’re good to go!

2. Play on any device

Another major plus point is the ability to spin the reels on any device which you choose to use. If you want gaming in your pocket then the smartphone is for you. If you prefer to kick back on the sofa with a larger tablet screen then you can. Responsive casino design means that you have far more choice of how and where you play.

3. Touch screen makes playing slots really easy

Let’s face it, who likes faffing around with a clicky little PC mouse or struggling to navigate with a trackpad? With mobile casino slots, it’s much easier to hit those buttons and spin the reels. A well designed mobile slot will have lovely big buttons for you to tap so no more mouse-based misclicks.

4. Horizontal view suits most slots perfectly

The typical video slot game layout is perfectly suited to mobile device screens. Using the landscape view means that there is plenty of space for all the reels and features any game has to offer.

New casinos

Mobile Slots VS Playing Slots on Desktop

Just a few short years ago there would have been a massive difference between playing mobile slots versus the desktop alternative. Thanks to massive leaps in device technology, mobile data networks and slot game design, the gap has all but disappeared.

We can take a look at how the two platforms for playing video slot games compare in the table below.

+ Play anywhere – Restricted to the PC location
+ Play anytime, ideal for tournaments – Play only when at home
+ Some games are mobile only + Some games are desktop only
– Smaller screen size + Bigger screen size
– Possible patchy data signal + More secure Wifi signal
– Battery can run out + Always plugged in to power
– Possibly limited data + Unlimited Wifi data
– Games can lag over mobile network + Less likely to lag over Wifi

How to Play Mobile Slots?

Playing new mobile slots really is as easy as one, two, three. The signup method pretty much works the same way as if you were joining a new desktop casino with the added advantage of being able to do it anywhere and at any time.

You can quickly experience the joy of mobile casino gaming on the go by following these three simple steps:

  • Step 1 – Choose a reliable & safe mobile casino

It’s important to feel happy at the mobile casino that you are going to invest your time and money in. Take your time to search around for one which works best for you and your game playing style.

If you are uncertain where to start then look for the well-known casino brands which have a trustworthy reputation. All of the big players will have well-built mobile casino sites or apps which are safe and secure places to start your mobile gaming journey.

  • Step 2 – Find a slot that works on mobile

Next, you’ll want to make sure that you are playing slot games which are optimised for mobile gameplay. If you are playing via a mobile app then it will only show friendly slots. Playing in a browser might give different results but any decent casino should let you filter out mobile compatible slot games with a few taps.

  • Step 3 – Start playing!

That’s it, you’re good to begin enjoying playing casino slot games on the go. Once you’ve started with a small range of slot games then you’ll soon muster the confidence to start searching for more mobile-friendly titles and casinos.

How to Play Mobile Slots?

Things to note

When you play mobile slots, here are some things to note:

  • Use a secure WiFi connection to keep your personal information safe.
  • Keep track of your data usage if you play using mobile data instead of WiFi.
  • Check your battery level and keep a charger or power bank at hand – you don’t want to risk any potential winnings by running out at a crucial moment!

The Most Popular Mobile Slots

To help you get started our expert team has handpicked some of the best mobile slots out there right now. These slot games have been tried and tested on various devices to make sure that they are 100% mobile-friendly casino games.

1. Arctic Magic

Chill out with the wild beats of the far north in the Arctic Magic slot from Microgaming. The generous payouts and mobile-friendly crisp graphics make this a top title to add to your mobile slot collection.

2. Aldo’s Journey

The team at Yggdrasil are well known for their creative mobile slot games and Aldo’s Journey is no exception. They have packed a lot into this jewel-encrusted game with a fantastic free spins feature and some charming cartoonish snappy graphics.

3. Guns N’ Roses

It’s time to rock out on your mobile device with the ultimate 1980s soundtrack blasting out as you spin away. Guns N’ Roses is NetEnt’s top mobile slot title and a must for any player even if you’re not a die-hard metal fan.

4. Mega Fortune

Become an instant millionaire with the lavish Mega Fortune mobile slot from the team at NetEnt. This slot still holds the record for the all-time highest win on a mobile slot game. Could you break that record?

5. Starburst

The classic Starburst title from NetEnt is an ideal place to start for mobile casino newbies. The simple yet exciting gameplay gives you the ultimate balance between risk and reward on your mobile device.

6. Book of Dead

One of the most popular mobile slot games of all time, Book of Dead from Play n’ GO is still well worth a spin. Despite numerous clones since the original has more than enough features to keep you entertained.

7. Thunderstruck 2

Sequels are not always as good as the original but Thunderstruck 2 from Microgaming bucks that trend. The four-level free spins feature is the icing on a god-like cake which should feature in any mobile slots compilation list.

Best Casinos with Mobile Slots

Finding a safe and secure mobile casino can be a tricky business. To help you out our team has selected the 3 best casino sites with a wide selection of mobile slots for you to enjoy.


LeoVegas is the self-proclaimed king of mobile casinos. Their claim is well-founded as it turns out due to this long-established online casino adopting a mobile-first approach in recent years. Their vast range of mobile-friendly slots helps to make it the destination of choice for those who like to play on the go.

LeoVegas Casino

star-rating 4.5/5 LeoVegas Casino Review List Arrow


Up to £100 Cash and 25 Free Spins


The modern and classy Casiplay online casino is fully compatible with iOS and Android, as are the vast majority of its games. The selection might be smaller than some other mobile casinos but the quality of mobile games here is high.

Casiplay Casino

star-rating 4/5 Casiplay Casino Review List Arrow


100% up to 200 + 30 Extra Spins

The best Mobile Slot Providers

Mobile tech has advanced rapidly in recent years with more powerful devices coming to market each month. Thankfully the teams at the top mobile slot providers have more than matched industry tends.

As the devices in our hands get better and better, so do the slot games to play on them. Here is a quick look at the slot providers leading the way in mobile casino gaming.


NetEnt Touch Slots

NetEnt has been at the cutting edge of casino gaming for several years now and they show no signs of slowing down. One of their latest innovations is to build slot games which give an optimal experience on mobile via their NetEnt Touch brand.

  • What are NetEnt Touch slots?

NetEnt Touch slots are existing NetEnt titles which have been given the full mobile-friendly makeover to make them more compatible with all devices. It means that players can enjoy some of the most popular NetEnt titles wherever they want to play them.

  • How many are there?

New NetEnt Touch titles are coming out each month and so the collection is growing all the time. They are focusing hard on providing quality mobile updates to their biggest slot games.

  • How do they work on mobile?

The games are optimised for mobile players by adapting the buttons and features to make them easy to use on smaller screens. As the name suggests, a cleaner and more responsive layout make it easier for players to use with their touch.

  • Which online casinos offer them?

A good selection of NetEnt Touch slots can be found at LeoVegas and Betfair Casino.


Microgaming Mobile Slots

Another top casino games provider, Microgaming is well known for its high-quality slot titles. They are also now leading the way in bringing mobile casino gaming to the masses through their solid mobile slots catalogue.

  • What are Microgaming mobile slots?

Put simply, they are well-built slot titles which perform just as well on a mobile device as they would on a desktop PC.

  • How many are there?

The collection is growing week by week and there are now so many that you can find a mobile slot title theme to suit any taste.

  • How do they work on mobile?

Using some advanced technology in the background, Microgaming slots are optimised for peak performance on any mobile device. Offering player-friendly buttons and mobile responsive visuals, they are certain to offer a seamless mobile slot experience.

  • Which online casinos offer them?

Microgaming mobile slots can be enjoyed at PlayOJO, Casiplay and Karamba online mobile casinos.

Top 5 Yggdrasil slots

Yggdrasil Mobile Slots

Established in 2013, Yggdrasil has been pumping out consistently high-quality slots ever since. They might not have the power and reach of some of the other mobile slot providers but what they produce is always worth your time.

  • What are Yggdrasil mobile slots?

The mobile slot games produced by Yggdrasil are carefully designed for any player who likes to enjoy some casino gaming on the go. They are fully responsive to be compatible with any mobile device you can think of.

  • How many are there?

New mobile slot titles are arriving all the time as the team of Yggdrasil have been working hard to ensure all their latest games are fit for mobile players.

  • How do they work on mobile?

With easily tappable buttons and mobile responsive game windows, these slots perform very well on all screen sizes.

  • Which online casinos offer them?

Look out for the best Yggdrasil mobile slot titles at Slotsmillion, Novibet or PlaySunny casinos.

Play'n Go

Play’n GO Mobile Slots

As a games provider established way back in 1997, Play’n GO has seen plenty of trends come and go. Mobile casino games look set to stay and these guys know it better than anyone based on their years of casino experience so are well ahead of the game.

  • What are Play’n GO mobile slots?

Play’n GO are dedicated to producing high-quality slot games which work perfectly on whichever platform you care to use. Their catalogue of slots from the past few years includes all mobile-friendly games.

  • How many are there?

There’s an extensive back catalogue of Play’n GO slots with new titles being added all the time to keep mobile casino fans happy.

  • How do they work on mobile?

Built to work not only on iOS and Android but also Windows devices, these guys have the technology to make any game work regardless of screen size.

  • Which online casinos offer them?

Take a look at the mobile slot offerings at Mr Play, VideoSlots or Dream Vegas casinos and you’ll find the best Play’n GO titles there.

Quickspin games

Quickspin Mobile Slots

Quickspin is another mobile slot provider who has a laser focus on producing only quality games. Despite being a much smaller outfit than the likes of Microgaming, Quickspin can hold their own in the mobile slot game market.

  • What are Quickspin mobile slots?

Quickspin mobile slots are games which you’ll be able to enjoy on any device at any time. Built from the ground up with the mobile casino player in mind, their games are small in number but big on quality.

  • How many are there?

Quickspin has a much smaller back catalogue than NetEnt and the like but they make up for it in variety and quality of their titles. With new games coming out every month, they are now growing their offering pretty quickly.

  • How do they work on mobile?

Optimised to work on smaller screens and featuring touch-friendly controls, Quickspin mobile slots work perfectly on any device.

  • Which online casinos offer them?

Look out for all the latest Quickspin titles at our top casinos. They all have the best pick of the mobile slots on offer from this mobile games provider.


As the number of mobile devices in the world increases so too does the quality and range of mobile casino games available to players. Casino game developers are constantly upping their game to meet the demands of players who want to enjoy some slot action on the go.

This trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon and acts as a positive force for casino fans who can enjoy the best new mobile slot games anywhere, anytime.

Did you Know This about Mobile Slots?

Did you Know This about Mobile Slots?

Our team of mobile slot experts have compiled a list of things that you might not have known about mobile casinos and slot games. Having this kind of knowledge will make you a mobile slot pro in no time at all.

Why aren’t all slots playable on mobile?

Some older slot game titles or those with very complex features might not be available to play on mobile. This can be due to the slots being powered by technology which was used before everyone started mobile phones.

It can also be the case that the game has too much going on for it to fit on a smaller screen. Showing all the features can be a real challenge and take away from the gaming experience for players.

How many mobile slots are there?

How many trees are there in the forest? It’s tough to put an exact number on but we can be sure that there are now literally tens of thousands of slots which can be played on mobile devices. No player should be short of options for finding something new to play on the go.

Can I find mobile slots on all online casinos?

Yes, the vast majority of online casinos will have a wide selection of slots which can be enjoyed on any mobile device.

What is the difference between Mobile Slots and the desktop version?

Sometimes game providers like NetEnt Touch will produce an exclusive mobile version of a slot game with special features for smaller screens. However, for the vast majority of online slots, they have very few differences on the face of it.

Which is better, playing on a smartphone or tablet?

Playing on each device has its pros and cons which we have listed in the Mobile v Tablet section above. It’s really down to personal preference for where and when you want to enjoy playing slots.

Can I play progressive jackpot slots on mobile?

Yes. Mobile slots cover the full range of game types including progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah. So you could become an instant millionaire wherever you are!

Do I need a mobile app to play mobile slots?

You don’t always need a mobile app to play mobile slots. Most mobile casinos will work perfectly in the browser of your device. Some casinos will offer a mobile app to download which might offer superior features and performance when compared to the browser version. It really depends on each individual casino.

Can I play slot tournaments on mobile?

Yes, most online casinos will include mobile-friendly slot games into their tournaments and promotions. This means that you never have to miss out on racking up some all-important points or prizes.

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