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At JohnSlots we have created our poker pages to help you get more out of your poker experiences online.

How do we do this?

Well, first we teach you all there is to know about the different poker games online. This is important as there isn’t just one option to play poker online for money. As well as the main versions, such as Texas Holdem Poker or Seven Card Stud, there are also loads of other nice versions online to enjoy too.

Knowing how to play them all via our free online poker game guides will give you all you need to know about playing them. These guides come complete with playing tips, so you don’t only know the rules but also how to play them effectively via quick and easy methods.

Allowing you to bypass any amateur mistakes that can be avoided and help you play more effectively.

As well as this, as mentioned, we will hook you up with the best online poker sites that have plenty of different poker rooms to enjoy, including live and virtual ones, alongside the best online poker tournaments to really up the ante.

Not only this, but you will start your time there already ahead, as all our poker sites will also offer top online poker bonus deals on your first day to get things off the mark and later on down the line too. This means there is also something to claim and get yourself some free online poker game play.

Poker bonus

Poker bonus

If you want to get more out of your poker games online, then you should consider looking into finding an online poker bonus. These can either help to get you off to the right start, or even reload your account when you have been playing at one casino for a while.

Depending on where you go, the bonuses and how they will benefit you will vary. The most common are cash bonus deals. These will improve your deposit by a certain amount, such as 100% up to £100, where you can double your money up to that figure.

However, that is not all you get and often, you may get free bets on poker games or there may be any other form of poker bonus that will benefit you in some way if you choose to opt into it.

All the best online poker sites for UK customers can play at will offer an online poker bonus of some form. However, a lot of online casinos may offer a bonus, but you cannot play online poker with it. As such, you need to ensure you are away that it is in fact, an online poker bonus before you commit.

You can find loads of the best online poker bonus deals on our site so we would recommend signing up directly through our site. However, if not, always read the T&Cs before committing a poker bonus, as you don’t want to be disappointed if you find out that it cannot be used of their poker games online.

Play poker online for free and learn the game

If you have not played poker online, it is worth playing a demo version of poker online free first. This will allow you to learn how to play the game, without having to risk any of your own funds.

This is very important in poker as there are a lot more elements to get your head around and not knowing what is going on is going to be costly. And so, we would definitely recommend learning for free before you dive into real money games.

Even if you have played in the real world, playing online is still a good idea as the gameplay online is a bit different. While no matter what style of poker game you play online you will experience the same rules and system of playing, the dynamic may be different, so it could take you are few hands to really get used to it.

However, this is why you should find free online poker games as these will allow you to get used to the new format without having to spend any of your own funds.

You can also use the games to try out new strategies you have learnt from our guides, and see if they are going to be effective. Not all strategies work well for all players and learning them properly first to see if it works for you is advisable.

Then, once you have got it down, you can then play poker online for money with that strategy. You can do this multiple times until you figure out the best online poker strategy for you.

As well as this, it is also the ideal option if you are trying out a new style, as this can take even longer to get used to and can cost you a lot more money if you don’t know the ins and out. It also allows you to see if you enjoy that new style and if you don’t, then you know not to hunt it down to play it for cash.

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Learn how to win at poker with JohnSlots

Poker is all about skills and pre-planning, which is why strategies are all important to successful poker gameplay. On our site, you will find a whole host of different strategies that will assist you in getting more out of your poker games online, with comprehensive poker guides that help you learn ways to improve your gameplay.

Whether you are new to the game and want to learn the basics, or if you are a seasoned vet and want to start capitalising on your gameplay, then both these kinds of guides can be found here to help you win more often.

Check them out, then try them on free online pokers games and then when you start to master them and see an improvement in your play, then try them out and win online poker real money with their assistance.

JohnSlots poker tips

As well as full-blown strategies, we will also provide you with poker tips too which can quickly and easily improve your gameplay. These may be for certain style of poker games online, or they may be simple ways to improve your poker online gameplay overall.

Whatever the reason you choose to make use of the tips, they are guaranteed to help you get more successful gameplay and help you avoid traps that befall less experienced poker players.

Online poker vs poker in a landbased casino

Online poker vs poker in a landbased casino

Many players of poker at landbased casinos have moved to online poker games due to many benefits they have over their more old school counterparts. The biggest one being the convenience online casinos offer in terms of poker.

At most landbased casinos, you have to travel to their casino and then hope that the poker table is open and filled with players who are willing to give a good game.

At online casinos, there is no need for any of this as you can just log on at any part of the day, find a table and then you will be able to play it from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you will have more options compared to real-world casinos, who will often only have one or two poker rooms inside.

Whereas online, you can partake in loads of different options with 4/5 different styles being the standard. As well as this, poker bonuses are also another big perk and would never be seen at a real-world casino.

However, you won’t get the same human aspect as an online poker room though, so playing against the computer can be much less fulfilling. While live poker can help combat this, it is still a large negative of playing online.

However, if you choose to play both in live dealer poker rooms and virtual poker rooms then you are sure to not feel the negative effects too much as all you will get is loads of different playing options as well as loads of convenient gameplay at your fingertips.

Popular poker games

Online you will find a whole spectrum of the poker games spectrum. Trying out all of them is the best way to find out the perfect fit for your playing pleasure as while the classics are the best-loved, you may find that trying some variations out change improve your experience a bit. Here is a quick round up of some of the more popular options you can find online.

Popular poker games

Texas Hold’em

By far the most popular poker option and one you have no doubt played or seen played in the past. Two cards are dealt by the dealer at the start of the game.

5 more community cards are dealt over the course of the game, with the winner being the player who makes the strongest hand out of his two cards and the community cards, that is unless you manage to outwit your opponents before then.

Omaha Hi

Another popular form of poker is Omaha. This has similar gameplay to Texas Hold’em, but the player is dealt four cards in total, the player then has to make the strongest hand with the community cards again, but is forced to use at least two of the cards.

Sounds easier? Well, no, there are a few more rules to it than this and it can make the action a lot more excited.

Omaha Hi/Lo

These see the players potentially using two hands. They must all try and attempt to make the highest hand, but if possible, also make the lowest hand too, with both the highest and lowest players splitting the pot.

However, the low hand is not always on offer as there are certain qualifying circumstances in play too.

Seven Card Stud

Seven Card Stud is also up there with one of the most popular poker games on the market available at both online and offline casinos. This doesn’t see the player play with any community cards but a total of 7 cards of their own dealt to them over several betting rounds.

Each is dealt to them overtime either face up or face down, with the player having to create the best hand.

Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

This is the same gameplay to 7 card stud but like Omaha hi/lo, the second low hand is also an option which comes into play when certain conditions are met.


Razz sees players take on the goals of hi/lo styles of poker and attempt to make the lowest 5-card hand out of 7 cards dealt to them over time either face-up, or face-down. In this form of poker, the lowest hand is always the winner with flushes and straights not holding as much clout.

Draw poker

This is more general poker that sees players being dealt a complete hand but then will switch cards out over the betting rounds in order to improve that first hand. It can take the form of many different poker games.

Chinese Poker

Chinese poker is an interesting variant of traditional poker with points being the currency of the game as opposed to cash. It will see players make 3 different hands, two five card hands and one three card hand over the rounds.

With players with the best three hands by the end being the one who wins.

2-7 Triple Draw

This is a form of draw-game but the intention is to get the lowest hand over possible by trading out cards of your original 5 hand as the game proceeds. Once three rounds have been completed the game is over.

Five card draw

Another draw game which is essentially the opposite of 2-7 triple draw where again, you are dealt 5 cards but need to make the best hand of that 5 rather than the worse. This is often seen as a version of video poker online.

Caribbean Stud poker

Sometimes called Casino Stud, Caribbean Stud sees players attempt to make the best 5 card hand, which is the same with many games mentioned so far. However, you don’t play against other players, but a dealer.

The dealer only plays though if he has a face-card or ace. If the dealer qualifies and the player beats him with a better 5-card hand then the player will be given a set payout amount.

Casino Hold’em Poker

Again, this sees players put their skills against the dealer just in a casino hold’em style of gameplay instead. As such, rather than being dealt 5 cards at once, they are dealt two then they must make use of cards that are slowly turned over a few rounds.

However, again, the dealer only plays if he qualifies and again, they will win pre-determined payout amount of up to 100-1.

Video poker

Video poker are the term used for games played against a computer, as opposed to players or a deal. These are generally some form of 5-card draw game but with different specific rules.

Pai Gow Poker

This game is a version of the traditional Pai Gow gamer but players use cards instead. They are using a 52-card deck as normal; however, it includes one joker too. Players must beat the banker in order to win, which can be a dealer or a fellow player.

Best online poker tournaments

The best online casino will offer online poker tournaments that players can partake in when they think they have the skills to win on a larger scale. They each have varying set-ups but will generally player over a number of rounds.

The most popular are freeze out tournaments, which will see you pay a set amount to start playing before you play with whatever number of chips you had to buy. If you lose your chips you are out.

They also have freerolls which can see you enter for free in any number of poker formats but may require you to qualify beforehand. These freerolls may happen on a near daily basis, with no set time limited.

One of the most popular though is sit and gos, these frequently start at casinos and can be played on all types of budget. You simply play against a table of other players, once all players have been eliminated then it is over, which usually only takes around an hour.

However, there are numerous other types out there with different formats to these too, some of which may evolve into real-world events too if players prove their salt.

Best online poker tournaments

The biggest poker tournament

The biggest tournament is most likely the WSOP, the world series of poker. This event attracts some of the biggest poker players in the world. This tournament happens over the course of a month, with varying buy-ins and a final prize to the winner of $1,000,000.

Thousands of participants enter this tournament each year. Many of the contestants are big in the poker but it is often possible to qualify by doing well at online poker sites.

The second up as the most well-known is the World Poker Tour is a bit of a higher stakes event, which not just anyone can really play in buy-in range sitting at around $3,500-$25,000, but players can qualify through qualifying tournaments, or by paying a $25,000 fee or by competing in different satellite tournaments which serves as prepayment for the entry fee.

You can often win tickets to these tournaments via competitions on online casinos.

Best online poker app

If you are looking for a poker app, then are a few that really stand out from the crowd. One of the best is PokerStars, which allows you to play against millions of other players for real money or just play for fun in loads of different types of poker format.

You can also win live changing sums of money by participating in their many tournaments that occur on the app. Another great one for players of Texas hold’em is the 888 Poker app, which again, offers players to millions of fellow players.

Two other solid options also include the Party Poker app and Unibet, which comes with loads of other great casino games too.

Why play poker online?

So why play poker online? Well, for the following reasons:

  • Endless Convenience
  • Access to loads of different styles and playing format
  • Participate in tournaments on an hourly or even daily basis
  • Mobile Poker wherever you want to play it
  • Learn new ways to enjoy poker
  • Bonus and promotions
  • Play for free and practice your skills
  • Get access to thousands of other players to practice against
  • Get the chance to play in big money, real-world tournaments via the online casino

How can you say no?


As you can see, online poker opens up a whole world of different opportunities to players both new and old. With this in mind, why not check out one of the many top casinos and see what they can do for you in terms of playing experiences.

Poker FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Poker

Here you’ll find answers to questions poker players often ask.

What’s the most popular poker game?

The most popular poker game out there is Texas Hold’em, which is found at nearly all casinos, online and offline.

Which poker game has the best odds?

The poker game with the best odds is three card poker, which has a House Edge from 1.5%. However, when you play games against fellow players, this can change based on your level of skill.

How many different poker games are there?

There is somewhere in the range of 20-30 that you can find around. This includes slight variations, such as what you see in video poker games.

Do I need to download any apps to play poker?

Usually not, but some casinos do offer an app which makes thing more accessible. Depending on your location though, you may have to download a poker client.

Can I get a poker bonus?

Yes, many online casinos offer these, with some found on our site.

How can I play poker for free?

Yes, find demo games if you want to play or just download an app that doesn’t charge.

Can I play online poker on mobile?

Yes, most sites offer this ability.

Can I play on Mac?

Usually, but it depends on the software they are using for their games, as it may offer a slower or less fluid gameplay.

How to choose the best online poker room?

You should read reviews of their poker rooms, such as the ones on our site.

Can I watch a game I’m not playing in?

Some casinos offer this ability. They may also offer you the charge to bet on a player sat at the table too.

Are some poker rooms rigged?

No, all are strictly regulated by third-party bodies. Make sure you check for licensing to ensure this.

Is it safe to play poker online?

Yes, as long as you play responsibly.

Can I win money by playing online poker?

Of course, if you play your cards right.

Should I play tournaments or cash games?

Either, it is up to personal preference.

What is the difference between live and online poker?

Live will offer you gameplay with a real dealer via live streams, Online poker encompasses live poker but also includes virtual games against computers too.

Are there poker loyalty programs?

Yes, some sites offer these.

What languages are available?

As it is so popular, there are numerous languages available. English is the most popular but you can find them in most modern languages.

How can I find online poker tournaments?

Check the online casino directly. Many casinos offer multiple online poker tournaments every day.

Are there any apps to play poker for real money?

Yes, many.

What is the biggest poker tournament?

World Series of Poker.

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