The basics of slow playing in online poker

Slow playing in online poker

Slow playing is a renowned Texas Holden strategy that can boost your money in the pot, and ultimately increase the money you can win. Slow playing is when you simply check or call a solid hand during a betting round with the aim to win more money and big bets in the later betting round stages.

It is a good idea to slow play if you have a very solid hand and if you think your opponent is likely to fold when you make your next bet. You should also allow your opponents to see a free card provided that it’s not too risky for them to see it. By allowing them to see another card, your opponent would be likely to get a better hand and call your next bet. This is the point where you jump in.

You need to be aware that many online poker players, especially newbies, tend to slow play a little too often. There are certain situations when slow playing can be too risky. If you’re a beginner, we have a beginners guide just for you. We shall highlight these situations below.

Never slow play in these circumstances

  • When a free card can beat your hand. It’s never a great idea to let your opponent see a free card if that card can help their hand and beat yours. There are various hands that are a lock when the flop emerges.
  • If there is a big pot. Although you would want to win the big pot, so do your opponents. Problems with slow playing in big pots are a flush or a straight. It is also very risky to slow play since a free card can give your opponent a good draw. If there is only a small pot, you can proceed to take a risk, provided there isn’t much to lose in the long run.
  • If you see a free card, especially since it could give your opponent a solid second best hand. In some cases, betting is the next best option when a free card won’t bring much action. This usually happens when either an Ace or a King is available on the flop since there are not that many cards left that could give your opponent that elusive second hand.
  • When there are many players still playing the hand. If too many players are around, the pot is likely to be quite big and hence, riskier to allow other opponents to see your free card. With many players participating, you can expect solid action when the flop comes out.
  • When weak players are still in the round. It’s never wise to slow play against weak players that may call your bet, as you will end up losing your bets more often than not. However, you should bet against weak players that call a lot of hands after the flop comes out.

In conclusion, slow playing is a method that exudes an air of dishonesty and should only be used to confuse other players or to get more players in the pot that would have otherwise folded.

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