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Bingo bonus

Bingo bonus

Online players love a bonus and we do too! They add value to the gambling experience, allowing players to enjoy themselves for longer by supplementing their bankroll.

For the most part, online casinos that offer bingo games will generally offer bingo bonuses and promotions but we have found that the best bingo bonus is usually found at bingo-specific sites or casinos with a very strong and varied bingo offering.

These brands will often provide multiple bingo bonus opportunities, which can include no deposit bingo bonuses and/or deposit bonuses. Top bingo sites will ensure that their target audience is well taken care of by offering competitive and attractive bonus offers.

New online bingo sites are not hard to come by. Indeed, many established online casinos have made the smart move to include a bingo product to cater to the needs of those players. This beloved game has made the transition from analog to digital in a way that continues to defy expectations!

On this page, we will be telling you all about online bingo games and the many varieties they exist in, how to play, and our thoughts on the best online bingo sites available.

Play free bingo games and learn the game

Want to play free bingo no deposit required? Aside from claiming a free bingo bonus, players can also make use of the demo or free play version of bingo games. These games do not pay out anything if you win but they also cost you nothing.

The value of free play mode is not monetary but rather educational. Wondering what a One Line win is? Not sure what a bingo 90 live looks like? Demo play is the perfect way to find out without spending any of your own money. You can play as long as you like without spending a penny while getting the chance to learn the difference between 75-ball bingo and Flash Fives.

Play free bingo games and learn the game

Learn how to win at bingo with JohnSlots

Bingo is a very easy game to understand but there are some rules to keep in mind, just like in any game. To help our readers get the best start on their bingo adventure, we have put together multiple bingo guides to help them understand the different aspects of this game.

In our guide on basic rules, we talk about the different variants of bingo that are available as well as a few rarer types that are worth exploring. Bingo sites will not usually have every single variation of the game available but most will include at least one or two of the more interesting versions.

Bingo players do not have quite the same reputation as poker or blackjack players, who are often depicted as cutthroat players with a deeply complex strategic approach to their game of choice. Bingo is a much more lighthearted and sociable pursuit, attracting players who are more interested in a chat than a big win. That said, there is still room in this simple game for strategy and we have a JohnSlots guide about those too.

JohnSlots bingo tips

As we explained above, the main reason people play bingo is to have fun and the game’s simple rules lend themselves to making it accessible to even novice players. There are ways to improve your game though and we share some useful hints in our Tips articles.

These cover techniques and approaches to the game of bingo that can help you make the most of your play and improve your chances of winning. Of course, you should always remember that gambling should, first and foremost, be for fun and not to make a profit. If you approach it as an enjoyable pastime then you will certainly be getting your money’s worth.

Online bingo vs playing in bingo halls

Britain is the land of bingo and this is where we can most clearly see the shift in the way the game is played. Wikipedia tells us that up until 2005, there were new purpose-built bingo halls being opened every week. After 2005, that number started to fall and what’s more, bingo halls began to shut. In 2014, only 400 bingo halls remained open in the UK.

So we can safely say that one of the pros of playing online is that there is no need to hunt down one of these increasingly rare bingo halls. Another is that games are going on around the clock so you don’t have any opening hours to contend with when you want to play.

Of course, if there is a conveniently located bingo hall nearby, you will likely enjoy the sociable atmosphere. Sometimes, an online chat room doesn’t quite serve up the same experience. And you can play bingo as it has been played for decades, which will appeal to those who enjoy a vintage vibe.

As an online casino specialist, JohnSlots is all about online play. While we appreciate the place of bingo halls in the world of gambling, our expertise lies in the virtual. That’s why we strive to give our readers the best and most accurate recommendations for online bingo sites.

Popular bingo games

Like every single popular game out there, bingo has spawned many variations of itself. When people love something, they are constantly looking to improve on it and this is where all of these bingo options have come from. Players are spoilt for choice because most online brands will offer multiple types of bingo for them to enjoy.

Aside from the number of balls in play, bingo variants also differ on how their respective tickets or cards appear. Thought the cards may look different, the objective is the same – to land one or more winning patterns with numbers that match the ones called by the caller or the bingo software.

90 Ball Bingo

This is probably the most easily recognisable variation of the game and the most commonly offered type of bingo online. As the name suggests, the number 1 through 90 are in play and most games offer prizes for one-line, two-line and full house wins.

80 Ball bingo

80 Ball bingo features a grid-life structure that differs to the 9×3 ticket format of 90 ball bingo. It also has ten fewer numbers in play.

75 Ball Bingo

The tickets in play during 75 ball bingo are similar to the previous type, generally using a 5×5 format. The number 1 to 75 are in play during this kind of game.

30 Ball bingo

With the fewest numbers in play, 30 ball bingo is both fast and user-friendly, especially for newbies. Games usually take just a few minutes.

5 Line Bingo

Sometimes referred to as Swedish bingo, this game is played with 75 balls and tickets feature a 5×5 grid. There are five ways to win this kind of bingo, hence the name. Players can win on one, two, three, four or five lines, also called the full house.

Flash Fives

Flash Fives does not use numbers but rather a 52-card deck, minus any Joker cards. Instead of a ticket bearing numbers, the player receives a hand of five cards and must match the called cards to the ones appearing in their hand. The first person to completely match a hand wins the game.

Progressive jackpot bingo games

Few people play online bingo with the hopes of winning a significant amount of money – most wins are quite modest and most players are after the social element of the game anyway.

However, bingo games of any type can include progressive jackpots. This means that each time a player buys a ticket, a proportion of that cost goes into a prize pot.

Progressive jackpots can reach pretty large amounts and these games tend to be highly competitive. In most cases, players must fulfil certain criteria before they are allowed to play for a progressive bingo jackpot.

Other bingo games

What we have listed above are the most common types of bingo you are likely to find on an online site. It is by no means a comprehensive list and brands are constantly developing new, exclusive types of games to offer to their players. This means that you might only be able to find one specific type of bingo at one particular site.

Good examples of these kinds of games are Bingo Bonanza, Passing Bingo, Roll On Bingo, Pattern Bingo and Lucky Numbers Bingo.

Why play bingo online?

Here are the reasons we love to play bingo online:

  • It’s a fun and social kind of game
  • No deposit bingo lets us play free bingo
  • Easy to learn the rules
  • The best online bingo sites offer a variety of game types
  • Games are available 24/7


Bingo has drawn players from all over the world and across all age groups. It’s easy to see how this simple, enjoyable game has become a popular form of entertainment for players of all ages.

JohnSlots offers plenty of resources to help guide new and experienced players, offering tips, tricks and strategies to improve the bingo experience for everyone.

Frequently asked questions about bingo

Frequently asked questions about bingo

Below you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about bingo.

Can I get a bingo bonus?

Yes! Many casinos that offer bingo will also offer bingo bonuses and promotions. Bingo-specific sites will almost certainly offer these too.

How do I find the best online bingo room?

The best bingo sites are the ones that offer a variety of bingo options such as free bingo, no deposit bingo bonuses and so on, while also being properly licensed and transparent in their terms and conditions.

Why can’t I play bingo at my online casino?

Unfortunately, some online casinos simply do not offer bingo games. However, more and more brands are adding bingo software to their websites because they have realised how popular the game is.

Is playing bingo online safe?

Online gambling is completely safe provided you do it at a licensed and reputable site. Always choose casinos that display their license/s clearly and don’t be afraid to walk away from a brand you don’t like the look of.

Where can I learn to play online bingo?

There are hundreds of resources available to budding bingo players, including many here at JohnSlots. Take a look at our guides and Tips to learn all there is to know about playing bingo.

What is the most popular online bingo in Europe?

It’s hard to pin down one specific variant of bingo as the most popular in Europe but we would say it’s a close tie between 90-ball and 75-ball.

Is online bingo legal?

Online bingo is fully legal provided that online gambling is legal where you are. Be sure to check your country’s legislation to make sure.

Do I need to install some bingo software?

Back in the day, downloadable bingo software offered a much better user experience than in-browser games but that trend has reversed now thanks to the advent of HTML 5. These days very few brands ask players to download their bingo software in order to play.

Can I play online bingo with my friends?

Of course! Bingo is a very social game and players enjoy that part of it as much as the game itself.

What is a bingo chat?

This is the chat feature that is available in most online bingo games. It allows players to chat to one another in real-time as the game progresses.

How much do online bingo cards cost?

This varies depending on the game but most tickets or cards cost between 1p and 10p. There is no fixed range for how much a card costs though, so make sure to check before you get started.