How to play online bingo

The basic principle of online bingo is very similar to the games played at land-based bingo halls with the exception of a computer calling out the numbers and a game that is fast-paced and exciting. You don’t even need to mark off the cards yourself but instead, the bingo site auto-daubs your tickets to claim any wins. Read on to learn more on how to play online bingo.

Background information of online bingo

To play online bingo, you first need to find an online bingo site, sign up and make a real money deposit. Some bingo sites go as far as to offer 7 days of free bingo to new sign ups with lucrative prizes up for grabs. If you prefer to try out a bingo site and its games first without risking your own money, then you can look for a bingo site that offers a no deposit bonus.

Next stop is for you to pick the game of your choice. Plenty of bingo sites have a big choice of different rooms with each room running different games. A room might be running a €0.15 bingo game while others would be €0.20 per bingo card. Choose a room that simply encapsulates what you’re after, in terms of a bingo variant, bankroll for bingo cards and the number of participants.

Different types of bingo games

  • 75 Ball Bingo: 24 numbers are laid out in a square with a free blank square in the middle. Prizes are awarded for completing lines or making set patterns on the bingo ticket, depending on the game.
  • 80 Ball Bingo: 16 numbers are laid out in a square. Various prizes are up for grabs based on completing lines.
  • 90 Ball Bingo: 15 numbers are laid out over 3 rows with 5 numbers per row. Prizes available are for completing 1 line, 2 lines and a full house.

Each of the above bingo game variants uses a variety of balls and come with their own bingo card. Some bingo sites run rooms with mixed games that alternate between variants while others only offer one type of bingo game.

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Basics of playing online bingo

Once you have selected a bingo room, you would need to purchase bingo tickets/cards to participate. How many bingo cards you purchase depends on your bankroll. You can purchase as many as you like or as little. Be aware though that some rooms have limits of how many tickets one can purchase. Most the rooms have a minimum 1 ticket policy but the maximum can vary depending on the game. The maximum amount we have come across is 48 bingo tickets.

Once you have purchased your tickets, all there is to do is to wait for the game to kick off. In the meantime, you can also chat with other bingo players both before and during the bingo game. This is where it gets exciting though. Many of these bingo chat rooms come with a chat moderator who runs special competitions with a myriad of prizes up for grabs.

When the game starts, the bingo balls are selected using a Random Number Generator (RNG), a software used in online casinos to guarantee fair play and randomness. If your bingo ticket contains any of the numbers called out, the software automatically marks them off for you. It will further inform you of how many numbers you have left before you win a prize. For example, 2 to go (written as 2TG).

Numbers continue to be generated until a player wins the prize. In the case of 90 ball bingo, a winner will be announced once a player has completed one full line. He/she will receive their winnings in their bingo account.

More numbers are then called out until the next prize is won, so on and so forth. If more than one bingo player wins at the same time, then the prize is shared between them.

Additionally, some bingo games come with a special jackpot that pays out if you successfully complete your bingo card in a specified number of bingo balls. What makes these games even more exciting, is the fact that the jackpots are in addition to the regular prize for the game, so you can expect a nice sum.

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