6. Visa

Getting set up for paying by card takes a little longer than other payment methods, but is much the same as any other card account, depending on which one you’re using. Credit cards will require eligibility checks, while debit cards are likely to be easier to access, especially if you already have a bank account.

There’s also the option of a prepaid Visa card. Online casino gamblers wanting to act more cautiously will benefit from these as the depletion of the card provides a natural point to stop rather than make additional deposits.

First, select a card provider using a comparison site, then fill out the applications and checks required either online, in-person, or over the phone. Provide any necessary documents, such as identification, and wait until you receive your card and confirmation of your online banking details.

Visa logo with casino images

Online casino Visa card payments are simple. When depositing or withdrawing money, select Visa in the payment options, and complete your details. Some casinos may ask if you want to store your details to speed up the payment process in the future – this is less secure if you’re using a public device but may save you time and energy at home.

Some online casinos may charge for Visa transactions, and others might charge if you’re processing a deposit under certain limits – it’s important to find this out in advance to make sure you’re not paying more than you want to be to make your deposits. You should also look for deals and bonuses with different casinos to see if you can make more of your deposit while saving on fees.

Visa in a Nutshell

  • High Security System
  • Widely accepted
  • Limits on withdrawals

What are the Advantages of Visa?

Finding an online casino that accepts Visa isn’t hard – it’s one of the most popular payment methods generally, and more specifically, one of the most popular at casinos worldwide. It’s also very convenient as most people are likely to already possess a Visa card, whether that’s debit or credit.

Banking details are always secure when a transaction is processed at an online casino, and reputable casinos make security a priority in order to ensure their customers are safe from fraud or theft.

What are the Disadvantages of Visa?

While debit cards have few downsides when it comes to payments, as with MasterCard, there are fees to be paid in terms of Visa credit cards, such as interest, and potentially there may be additional fees from the gaming sites. On top of that, not all banks authorise online gaming transactions.

Another issue might be limits on your withdrawals – such as a time period between withdrawals up to as much as 30 days, with any withdrawals before that time has elapsed being issued with an additional fee.

Sites may also refuse withdrawals to credit card accounts, which means that you have the inconvenience of having to use multiple payment methods on certain sites if you make your deposits through Visa.