Visa is known the world over as a safe and secure payment method for the electronic transfer of funds making it an ideal choice for casino players. First established in California in 1958 the company has grown to provide its financial services both on and offline in over 200 territories across the globe including most online casinos.

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In this guide, we’re going to be talking in detail about making payments and withdrawals at UK online casinos using Visa. We’ll also tell you all you need to know about how to open and use a Visa account plus all the pros and cons involved in using this global payment provider.

Find an Online Casino that Accepts Visa at JohnSlots!

Our mission here at JohnSlots is to bring you only the best UK online casinos where you can play for real money using Visa. Our dedicated casino team uses some solid criteria to review each and every site to ensure it meets our high standards. Only then will an online casino that accepts Visa make it onto the list below for you to enjoy.

Here are a few of the criteria which we always use to ensure we only recommend the best online casinos for players to experience:

  • Games Selection
    Only Visa casinos which offer a great range of casino titles from the top games developers will make it onto our list. We’re looking for a solid selection of the most popular slots, jackpots, table and live dealer games around.
  • Great Bonuses
    We want all players to get more bang for their buck so any Visa casinos on our list must provide some great casino bonuses to both new and existing players alike.
  • Legit Casino Licence
    By only recommending Visa casinos that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission players can be sure of a safe and secure online gambling experience.
  • Brilliant Customer Support
    It’s important to have some friendly and professional supports available anytime you need it. That’s why any Visa casino we recommend must have great customer service on tap for all its players.
Visa Payments

UK Gambling Credit Card Ban – Visa Debit vs Visa Credit

In early 2020 the UK Gambling Commission announced that players would no longer be allowed to use credit cards, including Visa Credit, for gambling transactions. The intention is to prevent anyone playing at either land-based or online casinos in the UK to gamble with money they don’t have and run up debts by using credit cards.

The ban, effective from the 14th of April 2020, was introduced after pressure from anti-gambling campaigners calling for measures to protect problem and vulnerable gamblers.

For players who wish to continue using Visa for payments and withdrawals at online casinos beyond the ban, they will need to switch to using Visa Debit, Visa Electron or an alternative payment method. A Visa Debit card links directly to your bank or building society account to make online payments simple and secure.

The process for using it is very similar to Visa Credit payments so online casino players won’t notice much of a difference but can continue to make deposits and withdrawals.

Why Should You Play at Visa Casinos?

Using Visa to play at online casinos is one of the most convenient, easy and secure methods of payment. The wide acceptance of Visa also means that you will have a vast range of UK online casinos to choose from. Much wider than if you were using many of the alternative payment methods around right now.

However, this payment method is not without its downsides. In the below table we will lay out the pros and cons of using Visa as your chosen casino payment method.

Secure payments Withdrawal limits
Widely accepted Extra fees
Trusted brand Slow withdrawals
Very convenient Lengthy application
Fantastic customer support UKGC Credit card ban
Visa Pros & Cons

Advantages of using Visa

  • Secure Payments – Using industry leading technologies, Visa is a safe and secure way of making casino transactions which helps to protect customers from online fraud and theft.
  • Widely Accepted – The vast majority of UK online casinos accept Visa for deposits and withdrawals giving you a wider choice of places to play.
  • Trusted Brand – Visa is a recognised and trusted global brand for transactions which was first established in 1958.
  • Convenience – The chances are that you already have some form of Visa card in your wallet which is ready to be used for transactions at online casinos.
  • Fantastic Support – When using Visa for transactions you can rest easy knowing that you are backed up by a highly professional customer support team if any payment issues arise.

Disadvantages of using Visa

  • Withdrawal limits – Some casinos may specify a time period between withdrawals using Visa up to 30 days. Additional fees might be applied to any withdrawals made before the limit has passed.
  • Extra fees – Depending on the online casino site, players may incur fees, typically around 2%, on withdrawals made using Visa.
  • Slow Withdrawals – Withdrawing casino funds using Visa cards can be much slower than using alternative payment methods. The time taken for withdrawals can take anywhere between 1 and 7 days.
  • Lengthy Application Process – If you don’t already have a Visa card there can be a drawn-out application process to get one. The high-security demands from Visa can mean that additional proof of your identity may be required which will delay things further.
  • Credit Card Ban – The UKGC ban on using credit cards for online gambling transactions, as mentioned above, will limit the use of Visa Credit at UK casinos. From the 14th of April 2020 players will need to switch to using alternative payment methods, including Visa Debit, to fund their accounts and make withdrawals.

How to Make a Visa Deposit at an Online Casino

Visa is currently one of the most popular payment methods for all online casino players around the world. The simplicity, safety and security provided by Visa payments make it a favoured way to deposit by online casino players in the UK.

Here we will break down the exact steps involved in making a deposit using Visa at most UK online casinos so that you can top up your bankroll and keep playing.

During this process, some casinos may ask if you want to store your details to speed up payments in the future. Don’t do this if you are using a public computer but on your personal device, it can save time on your next deposit.

How to make a deposit using Visa:

  1. If you’re not already playing at a casino that accepts Visa to deposit funds, use our list of top UK Visa casinos above.
  2. Once you have signed in and verified your account, navigate to your casino of choice’s payment page.
  3. Select Visa as your chosen payment method.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit into your casino account.
  5. Fill in your card details when requested to do so.
  6. Check to ensure that all the details and amounts are correct and confirm the payment.
  7. If you don’t instantly see the funds appear, refresh your account balance to make sure that the deposit has been a success.
  8. If it’s still not there, check your Visa balance to check it has been paid. If it has, jump on a chat with the casino support team to get some further assistance.

Visa and bonuses

Depending on the casino where you are making a deposit, you might be able to claim some extra bonuses for adding funds to your account. These can come in the form of free spins, bonus cash or a combination of the two. It’s often the case that a casino will match a certain percentage of what you deposit up to a total amount. For example ‘50% cash match up to £100’.

Most UK casinos offer deposit bonuses for new players to encourage them to make their first deposit. In addition, there may be tempting offers for existing players to give them an extra boost when they deposit too.

Unlike payment methods, such as Neteller, it is very rare that Visa would be excluded from such offers and promotions. To be certain that you can access a casino bonus when using Visa, check the terms and conditions specific to that offer.

Also, be aware that whilst some deposit bonuses are automatic, you might need to use a special code to activate the promotion. This should be stated clearly in the details of the offer so double-check to know what is involved.

Are there payment fees for Visa deposits?

It’s best to check in advance if you are going to be charged any fees on your deposit when using Visa. Some casinos may apply a charge specific to this payment method whilst others might not, there is no general rule on this.

It can also be the case that the bank or company which supplies your Visa card charges fees for using it to make an online casino deposit. If this is the case, you might want to look for another Visa provider to avoid fees in the longer term.

Again, if you are in any doubt regarding fees and charges from either side then contact the card provider or online casino for clarification.

Minimum deposits with Visa

The minimum deposit when using Visa at most UK casinos is between £10 and £20. The limits you will encounter can vary wildly, depending on the casino.

To check the limits at any online casino, navigate to their FAQ or Payments section for a list of minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits. Failing that, contact customer support for a quick answer to your limits question.

How fast are Visa deposits?

When making a deposit with Visa at an online casino, the funds should appear in your account within a few minutes. Unless otherwise stated, deposits using this payment method are supposed to be instantaneous meaning that you can crack on with your gameplay undisturbed.

Any delays encountered could come from the processes in place at either the casino to the bank which supplies your visa facility. Seek out the payments information page at the casino where you play to see if there are usually any delays in funding accounts using Visa.

As mentioned above, check that you have entered your details correctly if a deposit hasn’t been successful. If these are correct and the money has been taken from your account then contact the casino support team right away. They will know if the issue is at their end or with the card provider.

Visa Deposits

How to Make a Visa Withdrawal at an Online Casino

Making a withdrawal using Visa is a simple process just like making a deposit but may take a little longer at most UK online casinos. Follow the steps below to claim your well-earned winnings from your casino account.

To withdraw your winnings using Visa, following these steps:

  1. Log in to your casino account and head to your online casino’s withdrawal page.
  2. Select Visa as your preferred withdrawal option.
  3. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw.
  4. Enter your details including the card number and hit confirm.
  5. You should see a confirmation notice to say that your withdrawal request is being processed. If there are any issues at this point, it’s best to contact the casino support team as soon as you can.
  6. The casino should contact you if any further details are required to process the withdrawal.

Can I always withdraw using Visa?

The vast majority of UK casinos will accept Visa as a withdrawal method, especially if you have used it to make a deposit into your account. That said, it might depend on your specific card provider as to whether this is possible and the casino can process the transaction.

If it’s not possible to return funds to your Visa card then you’ll need to seek an alternative payment method, such as Mastercard, to claim any winnings in your account. Also, it’s good to be aware of the fact that you can only withdraw cash from most online casinos. If you have funds showing in your bonus account balance, these will usually need to be wagered before you can withdraw them.

Are there payment fees for Visa withdrawals?

There are often fees attached to making a withdrawal using a Visa card. The exact amount applied will vary from one casino to the next but is often at around the 2% mark. Check over the casino’s banking page or FAQs section for fee details or contact customer support if this is unclear.

It’s worth being aware of any additional fees charged by your card provider too. If you do your research and find out any possible charges in advance then you can avoid a shock when you come to withdraw your precious casino winnings.

Minimum withdrawals with Visa

Withdrawing winnings with Visa will usually require a minimum amount to be reached per transaction. Again, this can vary wildly from one casino to the next but the average is between £10 and £20. Check the casino FAQ or banking pages for more information and rates.

Also, check to see if your card provider is going to stipulate a minimum limit per transaction. This is more unlikely but it’s worth checking out to ensure that they don’t hit you with any fees or charges for smaller amounts.

There can also be limits on the number of withdrawals made within a specific time period, i.e. 30 days. You may be charged for making additional transactions within this time. Therefore, it’s better to make bigger withdrawals less often to avoid the sting of extra charges.

How fast are Visa withdrawals?

Compared to some other payment methods, Visa can be seen as a slow way to withdraw the winnings from your casino account. The exact withdrawal time frame depends on the online casino and card provider you are using but the average is around 5 days.

This might prove to be a bit too slow for some people who would prefer quicker access to their cash but it’s worth remembering the enhanced security benefits that Visa gives. It’s better to be backed up by a trusted global payments system which takes a little longer than rush payments out via an unknown entity.

Best Online Casinos that Accept Visa in 2024

Not all Visa casinos in the UK are created equal. Some of them might try to sneak in additional fees or have strict limits on using Visa cards for deposits and withdrawals. Not so good eh?!

Here at JohnSlots, we like to put any online casino through its paces before recommending it to you to enjoy. Here are the 5 key things that we look for in any quality Visa casino:

  • No sneaky fees – No one likes to get hit with extra fees for the sake of it. That’s why we will always check if a casino has additional deposit or withdrawal fees for using Visa. If they do then we’ll lay bare all the details for you in our casino reviews.
  • Attractive bonuses – We want you to get as much bank for your buck as possible. That’s why we’ll hunt down the best casino bonuses which are compatible with using Visa for deposits.
  • Instant deposits – You don’t want to be waiting for days to see funds appear in your account when you make a deposit with Visa. We’ll tell you if you are able to make instant deposits or not so there’s no disruption to your casino gameplay.
  • Safe and secure – Any UK casino we recommend is licensed by the UKGC which ensures it’s a safe and secure place to play. We will only suggest casinos with secure payment practices that cover all deposits and withdrawals.
  • Player support – If you encounter any issues when playing at an online casino it’s good to know that there’s a support team ready to help you out 24/7. We always test the customer service at each casino with a range of Visa related questions to ensure they can help when needed.

Similar Payment Methods to Visa

If for whatever reason you can’t use your Visa card at a UK casino, what alternative options would you have for payments? Our expert team has been taking a look at this issue and has brainstormed the following alternatives.

  • Mastercard – This is the main rival to Visa and operates in pretty much the same way. Despite being less widely accepted for payments, there are a growing number of UK casinos where you can use Mastercard for deposits. Withdrawals, however, might be more of an issue using this particular payment provider.
  • PayPal – If you prefer to add a layer of anonymity and security to your casino transactions then PayPal could be the way to go. It acts as an interim between your bank and the online casino giving you some extra protection.

Payments after the UK ban

After April 14th 2020 it will no longer be possible to make deposits at a UK casino using a Visa credit card. An easy alternative to this is to switch to using a Visa debit card for future transactions. Deposits and withdrawals will work in pretty much the same way but you won’t have the ability to play with borrowed money unless you are using an overdraft facility.

Play at a Visa casino and Enjoy the Rewards!

As you can see, using Visa at online casinos gives you enhanced security, safety and convenience. Choosing to make deposits and withdrawals to your UK casino account with the world’s largest and most trusted payments company brings with it some great benefits.

You’ll have the ability to play at pretty much any casino you choose and be able to make quick deposits and secure withdrawals without worry. Using Visa for your future casino transactions is a great way to go!

Discover More About Visa Casinos (FAQs)

If you have a burning question about using Visa as your payment provider of choice at online casinos then we’ll aim to answer it right here…

Visa Payment FAQs

Is Visa safe to use at an online casino?

Visa is one of the safest forms of payment that you can use at an online casino today. Thanks to their advanced fraud detection systems and super secure payments processing technology you’ll always be in good hands.

That said, always check the legitimacy of the casino itself. Check out our list as we only recommend the safest casinos here at JohnSlots.

What happens if the casino detects a fraudulent Visa payment?

If this is the case then it’s best to contact your card provider immediately. Visa has advanced systems in place to investigate and rectify any fraudulent transactions quickly.

How much can I deposit using my Visa card?

This depends on two things. The transaction limit from your Visa card provider and any limit set by the casino. Check both sides to see what the maximum possible deposit would be.

Is there a Visa bonus?

It’s rare that there will be a specific casino bonus for using Visa for deposits. There is more likely to be a general deposit bonus which Visa should be a valid payment method for. Check with the casino before you deposit to ensure that you can claim any bonuses or promotions which are advertised.

Do casinos accept Visa gift cards?

This will depend on the specific casino where you want to use it. It’s best to contact them first to avoid disappointment.

Are Visa payments declined at online casinos?

It is possible that a Visa payment is declined at an online casino. However, there will always be a valid reason behind this such as a lack of funds in the cardholder’s account or using a credit rather than a debit card.

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