Visa, along with Mastercard, stands as the most widely recognised and accepted credit card worldwide. It’s directly connected to your bank account. The way it functions is that you take a short-term loan upfront whenever you effect a payment. The loan maximum limit depends on your arrangement with your bank who issues the card.

Even the conditions and concessions for paying back your credit vary depending on the agreement. Then, after 30 days, you will be expected to pay back the overdue balance. We strongly advise you to exercise caution as it may be tempting to make a loan bigger than you can afford to pay back and end up getting in over your head with debts.

Visa online casinos: The best casinos that accept this payment method

Due to Visa being widely acknowledged worldwide, it’s almost reached the status of being a perfect replacement for cash. It is accepted in many countries, at different points of sale (POS), and can be used as a cash card to withdraw money from most ATMs.

These days, there are several other organisations and institutions that are licensed to issue their own branded version of the Visa card instead of only banks. Each one usually comes with printed images of that brand or other sundry images depending on the company’s agreement.

How to make deposits with Visa

When you choose the ‘Payment’ page or you’re automatically prompted with it (depending on how a casino is designed), you start off by choosing ‘credit card’ or ‘Visa’ from the list of available payment methods. Then, fill in the credit card number in full, your name, the expiry date, and the 3-digit CVC safety code on the back of your card. Then, you will specify the amount of money you want to transfer to your balance at the casino before confirming the whole lot. Generally, most deposits using Visa are instant. So, you’ll be ready to get playing with real money immediately.

Some online casinos may charge a handling fee of 2 – 3% for making a deposit using Visa while others don’t. And in the case of certain other casinos, there might be a handling fee for deposits under a certain amount, which are waived once you exceed that threshold.

Making a deposit and withdrawal with Visa

Depositing and withdrawing using a Visa credit card follow a similar procedure. In both cases, you’ll be required to select Visa in the payment options list on the Deposit and Withdrawal page respectively. Then, type in your credit card number, expiry date, name, and 3-digit CVC code (printed on the back of the card). If you have already used the card to deposit/withdraw, certain online casinos might ask you if you want your credit card details to be stored to speed up the process in the future.

There are cases of online casinos that don’t allow you to make a withdrawal with a Visa card. Otherwise, you might be required to have made at least one deposit with the same card before withdrawing. This is done in order to avoid fraud or money laundering. In some instances, the online casino might ask you to provide further documentation to prove that the credit card really belongs to you.

The average processing time for a withdrawal to reach your bank varies according to the online casino. While most casinos might take around 3 days, there are some that take up to 7 days, and a few others that take less than 24 hours.

Minimum deposit amounts

The minimum deposit amount depends more on the specific online casino you are dealing with. This is why it’s always wise to read the terms and conditions before committing real funds to a casino. On average, most casinos set their minimum deposit amount somewhere between €10 and €25, but there may be exceptions.

The maximum cap on a deposit depends on the regulations of a specific casino as well as on your type of Visa credit card agreement.

Minimum withdrawal amounts

While the average minimum withdrawal at most casinos falls within the €10 – €20 range, there are exceptions. Also, there are other conditions regarding withdrawals specific to certain online casinos. For instance, some casinos may only allow withdrawals once every 30 days, and anything before that will be carried out against a handling fee. Also, while some casinos might not accept players to make withdrawals using a Visa card, others might require you to have made a deposit with the same card first. And in certain cases, the casino will request you to send documentation as proof so as to avoid fraud.

Deposit casino bonuses when using Visa

On occasion, a handful of casinos may choose to give out exclusive casino bonuses to players who use a Visa credit card to make a deposit. This is done to encourage players to use that card.

Why should you play at a Visa casino?

Besides being one of the world’s most recognised payment alternatives to hard cash, Visa makes depositing simple as the procedure is only a few steps long. And the transaction time will not last more than just a few minutes, and at most times, it’s instant. Also, since Visa works as a sort of short-term loan, it allows you to borrow money. However, once again, we advise caution on this very point).

The future of Visa casinos

Visa remains to date one of the most popular payment methods used online and at different points of sale around the world, and it’s offered by several companies, organisations, and institutions besides regular banks. This credit card won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. That being said, with the introduction of several newer payment alternatives such as e-wallets that are improving their services to keep up with the demand, Visa, along with other major credit cards like Mastercard, don’t benefit from the lopsided control of the payment market it used to till some time ago.

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