MasterCard, along with Visa, is the most widely accepted credit card worldwide. It’s usually issued by any bank that endorses it as well as other organisations and institutions. It links directly to your bank account, and the way it works is that whenever you use it, you get a short-term loan instantly.

MasterCard online casinos: The best casinos that accept MasterCard

The loan must be repaid after 30 days. The maximum loan limit depends entirely on your agreement with the bank or organization/institution as there are different types of contracts. Depending on the body issuing the card, it might be branded differently with images or logos printed on it reflecting the bank, organization, institution, or other commercial partnerships they might have.Both MasterCard and Visa are generally considered as popular alternatives to

Both MasterCard and Visa are generally considered as popular alternatives to cash, and are accepted in several different companies at numerous points of sale (POS). They can also be used as cash cards with ATMs.

Since MasterCard, like all other popular credit cards, gives you instant access to a short-term loan on your fingertips, we always advise that you exert caution and gamble responsibly when playing at online casinos.

How to make deposits with MasterCard

When you’ve decided to play with real money at an online casino where you have an account, access the ‘Payment’ page on the website (The way to access it tends to vary from one casino to another). Then, select ‘credit card’ followed by ‘MasterCard’. Next, you’ll have to fill in the necessary fields that usually include your credit card number, expiry date, full name (as written on the card), and a 3-digit CVC code (printed on the back of the card). You’ll also have to enter the amount you want to deposit, and finally confirm. Deposits are credited instantly in most cases.

Make sure you read all the terms and conditions relevant to this deposit method. There might be handling fees, min/max limits, fixed amounts, and sometimes even exclusive casino bonuses. In the case of some casinos, there can be a handling fee of less than 2% up to 3%. While in some particular casino’s cases, you might be required to pay a handling fee on amounts below a certain threshold. Anything above that will be waived of the fee. Also, while most casinos effect deposits from credit cards instantly, there might be a few exceptions. This may be specified in T&C as well.

Making a deposit and withdrawal with MasterCard

Making a deposit, as well as a withdrawal, usually follow similar procedures. However, generally, there will be a page designated for deposits and a separate one for withdrawals. Once again, this depends on the casino’s website’s layout. Then, once you’ve located MasterCard under ‘credit cards’, type in all the information required (credit card number, full name, expiry date, and CVC security code). Following that, specify the amount you want to deposit/withdraw and confirm.

In some cases, if you’ve already used the card at that casino previously, the casino might ask you if you want your details saved for future usage.

The processing time will vary from one online casino to the next when you make a withdrawal. The average is somewhere around 24 hours.

Please be advised that some online casinos don’t allow you to make a withdrawal with a MasterCard or another credit card. In other cases, you will be required to have made at least one deposit with that card before you can withdraw to the same card. And yet in other instances, the casino may ask you to provide documentation to prove that the card is really yours. The reason behind all of this is to avoid fraud or money laundering. This is understandably so in an online casino industry that is becoming increasingly regulated and strict.

Minimum deposit amounts

Minimum deposit amounts vary from one casino to the next in the same way that maximum amounts and processing times do. While we can say that the average amount may vary between €10 and €25 for a minimum deposit, once again, we strongly recommend you refer to the T&C unless the amount is already specified on the deposit page.

Also, please be aware that certain casinos may allow for minimum/maximum deposit amounts that vary depending on your deposit method of choice.

Minimum withdrawal amounts

Minimum withdrawal amounts, just like the deposit ones, come in all shapes and sized depending on the casinos’ policies. Most casinos fall somewhere within the €10 – €20/€25 range, but once again, there are many exceptions.

There are other withdrawal conditions that vary according to the casino of choice. For instance, some may set a minimum time limit you must respect between one withdrawal and another (e.g. 30 days between one withdrawal and the next. And anything before that will be issued against an extra fee). Another example is that quite a few casinos accept deposits by credit card but refuse withdrawals to the same card, while others require you to have deposited once with that card to withdraw to the same one. Also, you may be asked to provide documentation when requesting a withdrawal by MasterCard (or any other card). Online casinos do this to avoid fraud and money laundering.

Deposit casino bonuses when using MasterCard

It’s not an entirely rare for an online casino to hand out an exclusive offer to players who make their deposit by MasterCard or Visa. This helps encourage players to use a specific payment method over others.

Online casinos that accept MasterCard as a payment method


LeoVegas stands up there in the list of best and most well-known casinos, especially in Europe. This EU-regulated, Lion-themed champion has many great features that would each deserve an article to describe. One feature that never fails to gain fan’s acclaim is the promos, be it the welcome package, the recurring promos, as well as the one-offs. The welcome package on offer is one of the biggest in the industry and it packs both bonus money and free spins. Whereas, when it comes to other promos, LeoVegas can claim to be one of the most generous and creative. Most of these are multi-step challenges with free giveaways at every single turn.

In the games department, LeoVegas packs a huge selection of games – especially slots and jackpots – pooled together from various major and middle-tier game providers.

And one more feature worth mentioning is the LeoVegas blog that keeps you up to speed about anything including promos that is happening in real-time there.

LeoVegas accepts MasterCard as one of its main payment methods. It charges no handling fees for making deposits with MasterCard. The minimum deposit is €10 while the maximum is €2000. Also, there is no processing time. However, LeoVegas doesn’t accept withdrawals via MasterCard at this time.


ShadowBet opened its doors in 2016 and welcomes players to a dark yet neat and very well-designed website that is quickly upping its game to get up there with the industry leaders. This one is regulated by the MGA (EU-based) and offers a list of remarkable features. Starting with the welcome package, it combines free spins and bonus money to create one of the biggest packages in the industry. The games library is also quite sizeable and it brings together games from several different major game providers. Customer care is also a breeze to use and very responsive. There’s also an interesting twist on the VIP lounge called Ouroboros. The promos, along with all features you’ll be referring to most often are kept well in sight on the main page and are very easy to access. Also, the website allows you to choose from 7 languages.

ShadowBet accepts MasterCard for deposits but not for withdrawals. Transactions are instant and there are no handling fees charged. The minimum deposit amount accepted is €10 while the maximum is €5000.

Why should you play at a MasterCard casino?

MasterCard (as well as Visa) is one of the most recognised payment methods worldwide, not only for online casinos, but also for real-life and online shopping as well. Such credit cards are also handy as they fill in for bank cards at ATMs. One of the reasons they are so popular is that they give you easy-access to short-term loans and they make the payment process plain and simple. However, for these same reasons mentioned here, we always suggest you gamble responsibly and keep a close eye on your bankroll.

The future of MasterCard casinos

Both MasterCard and Visa are still considered by many as some of the most popular payment methods that substitute real cash and bank transfers. This is why MasterCard and other major credit cards are issued by most major banks as well as organisations and institutions.

However, while we can’t see MasterCard’s popularity waning anytime soon, other alternative payment methods such as e-wallets are gaining traction rapidly, especially due to their added level of security and stripped-down ease-of-use. It’s still to be seen which payment methods will be most popular within a few years. However, one thing is for sure – payment options for players will only increase by time

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