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Skrill is one of the most popular payment methods in the online casino world. You won’t have any trouble finding a casino that accepts Skrill. At JohnSlots, we find the best UK online casinos that accept Skrill, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for them yourself. We provide in-depth casino reviews and display their fantastic bonus offers.

Skrill Casino Payments

What is Skrill?

Skrill is an eWallet which allows you to transfer money for free online without using your card or bank account. You can create an account and transfer money from your bank account to your Skrill account instantly. This can then be used to deposit onto your online casino account or for other online transactions. Skrill is part of the Paysafe Group, which also owns other popular payment methods like Paysafecard and Neteller. Skrill is easy to use and just requires you log-in to your account every time you wish to make a payment and receive a withdrawal. It’s a widely accepted payment method so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a casino that offers Skrill.

Why should you play at casinos with Skrill?

So that you can make an informed opinion, we’ve taken a look at both the advantages and disadvantages of using Skrill as your main payment provider. As with everything, it all boils down to personal opinion and what you prefer when depositing and withdrawing with online casinos.

Easy to use Not always eligible for the welcome offer
Free to create an account Must verify your account before you can make your first deposit
Don’t need to use your card or bank account There are maximum payment limits
No fees to make a deposit or accept a withdrawal There is a fee to withdraw money back into your bank account up to 7.5%
Fast transfers Not universally accepted amongst other industries
Can make deposits via mobile Must always withdraw back into your Skrill account
Skrill Pros and Cons

eWallets are by far the most convenient payment method out there. They’re super easy to use and only require you to sign-in to your account to make a payment. But, what distinguishes Skrill from other eWallet providers?

For a start, Skrill has the gaming world in mind. It’s accepted at many UK casinos and it makes the withdrawal process simple. Skrill offers insanely fast transfers and customers hardly have any trouble depositing into their account. You only need to enter your bank details once when you create an account and top up funds. After that, you can log-in securely into your account to make a deposit at a casino. Your money is safe knowing that Skrill is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. If you’re not a desktop fan, it’s great to know that you can make payments via mobile with Skrill.

To the average player, what really matters is how well this payment method performs and works for them. And Skrill does not disappoint in that arena. Skrill is accepted by a wide variety of online vendors, which means that your online spending can all be centralized from one account – the ultimate convenience! Skrill isn’t as commonly accepted in e-commerce as PayPal, so you may be left with funds sitting in your Skrill account. There’s no way about going around this as you must always withdraw funds to the original payment method you used. If you don’t gamble too much, having a Skrill account may not be right for you due to these reasons.

Skrill may not be the payment method for everyone as it does have its drawbacks. One major disadvantage is that you cannot use Skrill as a first-time deposit method and you won’t be eligible for the welcome offer. This is because casinos are unable to verify your account under UK licensing regulation under this payment method. If you want to use Skrill, you’ll first have to deposit using another method, such as your debit card or bank transfer. Yet, a couple of online casinos offer some amazing bonus offers if you deposit via Skrill after your first deposit.

Another major drawback is that Skrill charges a fee every time you want to transfer money back into your bank account. This is pretty hefty at up to 7.5% so you’ll be losing quite a bit of money.

How to set up a Skrill Account

Skrill is consumer-friendly and you will find setting up a new account effortless. You only need to provide a few details which include your name, date of birth, address and chosen currency. Overall, the whole procedure only takes a couple of minutes. Once you reach any limits, you’ll need to verify your account by sending in a copy of your ID, just like how you do with a casino.

1. Go to Skrill’s website
2. Click on ‘Register’
3. Enter your personal details
4. Validate your e-mail address
5. Go back to your account to add funds
6. Click on ‘Deposit’
7. Choose the card* you wish to use and enter your details (*remember you can’t use a credit card if you want to play at a UK casino)
8. Enter the amount you want to deposit and confirm
9. You’re now ready to use Skrill at an online casino

Signing up for a Skrill account is free and ensures that you can send and receive funds, safe in the knowledge that security is a top priority and delays are a thing of the past. Your Skrill account is accessible via mobile and desktop, making this a flexible payment method for any of your online transactions. Your Skrill account can be topped up via a debit card, directly from your bank account, via Paysafecard or any of the other 100 deposit methods.

How to Deposit at an Online Casino with Skrill

If you thought setting up an account with Skrill was easy, wait till you find out how much easier it is to deposit at an online casino using Skrill. Many casinos are actively encouraging players to start using Skrill because it’s fast and reliable. Here’s how:

1. Select a Skrill casino from our list of top-quality casinos
2. Sign-up and log-in to your casino account
3. Go to your casino’s deposit page
4. Insert the amount you wish to deposit
5. Select Skrill as your deposit method by clicking on the icon
6. You’ll be redirected to your Skrill
7. Log-in to your Skrill account and confirm the payment
8. Your deposit will show up in your casino account in seconds

Due to UK licensing regulations, it’s important to remember you cannot use a credit card to deposit at UK online casino. This means that you cannot transfer any funds into your Skrill account that have come from a credit card, and then use these to deposit onto your casino account. It’s better to fund your Skrill account using a debit card and bank transfer for online gaming.

Skrill and bonuses

Unfortunately, you usually won’t be eligible to claim your welcome bonus if you use Skrill as your first deposit method. This is because the casino won’t be able to verify your account using this payment method, unlike with PayPal or debit card. Most casinos ask that you use a different payment method for your first deposit, and then go on to use Skrill for future transactions.

Don’t let this put you off as you’ll be able to claim bonuses in the future using your Skrill account. In fact, many casinos will offer special bonuses to encourage players to use Skrill in the future. These are often deposit match bonuses or free spins which are only available to Skrill players. This definitely makes up for the hassle of having to use a different payment method in the beginning.

Fees when using Skrill for deposits

You won’t be charged any fees when depositing via Skrill as it’s a free payment transfer service. Your casino will accept Skrill deposits without charging you any extra. However, as some casinos charge a fee for all deposits, regardless of what payment method you use, be sure to check the terms and conditions. Nowadays, this is very rare but it’s always safer to check to make sure. Skrill will only ever charge you fees to transfer money back into your personal bank account.

Minimum deposits with Skrill

There isn’t a minimum deposit when transferring money via your Skrill account. Each casino will have its own minimum deposit conditions which you must abide by, these are usually around £10. If you attempt to deposit below this amount, the transaction won’t go through. You’ll always be told the minimum deposit required before you make a payment. It’s worth knowing that Skrill does have a maximum deposit per transaction of £10,000 which shouldn’t be a problem for the vast majority of players.

How fast are Skrill deposits?

Skrill has shot up in popularity recently because of its fast transfers. You can expect your deposit to reach your casino account instantly. This way, you’ll be able to continue playing your slots without having to wait for hours or even days.

Skrill is known for its super reliable service, so you may worry if your deposit is taking a while to transfer. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, just contact your casino’s customer service so they can get to the bottom of it. They’ll be able to have a closer look at what may have gone wrong. Customer service agents are there to help you and with many casinos now offering 24/7 live support, it won’t take you long to find out what happened to your deposit.

Skrill Casino Deposits

How to Make a Withdrawal at an Online Casino with Skrill

Making withdrawals using Skrill is simple and won’t be taking too much time off your hands. Most casinos make the withdrawal process easy and only require you to follow a few simple instructions. Here’s how to withdraw your wins via Skrill:

1. Sign-in to your casino
2. Go to your casino’s withdrawal page
3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
4. Select Skrill as your withdrawal option
5. Sign-in to your Skrill account to accept the withdrawal
6. Confirm the withdrawal & wait for the casino to approve & process the payment

Can I always withdraw my winnings using Skrill?

You should be able to withdraw your winnings using Skrill if it’s an accepted payment method at your online casino. In fact, you will almost always have to use Skrill as your withdrawal method if you deposited with it. Casinos are only ever allowed to process withdrawals back into the same payment method that you used to deposit if they are available. Otherwise, you can withdraw via Bank Transfer.

Fees when using Skrill for withdrawals

Skrill won’t charge you any fees when requesting a withdrawal from the casino back into your Skrill account. However, Skrill will charge you a fee if you then choose to withdraw your funds from your Skrill account into your bank account. If you are certain you want your winnings to go directly into your bank account, you may want to think about using a different payment method to avoid those fees. This can be up to 7.5%!

Some casinos will charge a fee when requesting a withdrawal which you should be aware about. Always check the terms and conditions before requesting a withdrawal so you’ll know exactly what you will be charged.

Minimum withdrawals with Skrill

There are no limitations when it comes to requesting withdrawals via Skrill, but your casino may set some limits. For example, many casinos have a minimum withdrawal limit of £10. If you want to transfer money from Skrill into your bank account, there’s no minimum withdrawal there either, but the amount must cover the fees.

How fast are Skrill withdrawals?

Skrill processes withdrawals instantly once the payment has been authorised by the casino. The withdrawal process is pretty easy as you only have to log into your Skrill account. There’s no need to enter any bank details, making it quicker. However, if a casino asks for verification documents to process the payment, this could delay the transaction. All in all, once Skrill takes hold of the money, it will process instantly into your account.

Best Online Casinos that Accept Skrill in 2024

You won’t have any trouble finding Skrill as a payment method because it is very popular. Most major casinos offer Skrill so you won’t have far to look. In fact, you’ll be so spoilt for choice that you may find it hard to choose a casino. We hope our guide helps you find the best casino for you.

There are a few questions you should ask when picking a Skrill casino:

  • Does the casino charge any fees?
  • Is it easy to get in touch with customer support?
  • Does the casino offer specific bonus offers for Skrill users?

Similar Payment Methods to Skrill

There are so many payment options available that you shouldn’t settle for one you’re not totally keen on. There are so many options on the market because players are demanding them. Other casino payment methods may spark your interest more. Here are some alternative options:

  • Although you are no longer able to fund your casino account with a credit account, the law does not affect the use of your debit card. You are still able to deposit to your online casino using your VISA and/or Mastercard debit card just as before.
  • You may like the sound of Skrill but you’re just not happy that it’s not universally available in all of the e-commerce world. If you want an eWallet that you can also use on plenty of online shops, PayPal may be the ideal payment method for you.
  • If you don’t want the hassle of creating an account but are tired of using your debit card every time you make a deposit, Trustly may be the solution for you. With Trustly, you can deposit money directly at your online casino without creating a Trustly account. You can transfer money through their secure server by logging in to your personal bank account.

Play at a Skrill Casino and Enjoy the Rewards!

Every day more and more players are creating a Skrill account to transfer money into their casino account. It’s fast, easy and efficient, so it’s no wonder it’s the chosen payment method for many players today. Find the latest UK casinos that offer big welcome bonuses and support Skrill payments right here at JohnSlots!

Learn more about Skrill casino sites (FAQs)

Here’s a quick summary if you’re looking for fast answers to the most common questions relating to Skrill:

Skrill FAQs

Do I need to set up a Skrill account before using a Skrill casino?

Yes, you will first need to set up a Skrill account before you can start top up your casino account using this payment method.

How do I know if I’m playing at a legit Skrill online casino?

To make sure you’re always playing at a reputable online casino, look out for the UK Gambling Commission logo which you’ll find on the website. Only licensed casinos are allowed to operate in the UK.

Is there a Skrill casino bonus?

Some casinos do offer a special Skrill bonus. However, you’ll always have to complete your first deposit using a different payment method before you’re allowed to claim this bonus.

Are there any fees to pay for using a Skrill casino?

Skrill does not charge you any fees to deposit into an online casino, or even request a withdrawal. Some casinos may charge a fee for the use of their website, but this will always be stated in the terms and conditions.

Do all casinos take Skrill?

At the moment, not all casinos take Skrill, but the vast majority do. Skrill makes the payment process easier for the consumer and company, so you’ll find that the vast majority of casinos have signed up to offer Skrill.

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