Trustly is the internet’s solution to convenient payments without the hustle and bustle. Trustly is a no-fuss payment method where you don’t even have to use your debit card or even create a separate Trustly account. You simply use the service to log in through your bank account to make your deposit. Although you may not have heard of Trustly before, it’s soon becoming the up and coming digital innovator when it comes to payment transfers, and casinos are lining up to make use of this efficient service.

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Trustly is one of the best deposit methods going and many players are starting to choose casinos that offer this payment service when signing-up to new casinos. No one wants to sit there scurrying trying to locate their debit card in their purse or wallet anymore. At JohnSlots, we’re making this search easier for you by reviewing all the top-quality online casinos that provide this payment method.

Trustly Casino Payments

What is Trustly?

In this day and age, why should we even need to use our debit card just to deposit at an online casino? There’s no need to do that anymore with the rise of innovative fintech companies filling in the gaps in the market and making our lives easier. Trustly is an online banking solution that enables real-time payments without using a card or filling in your bank details. You don’t even need to create an account! Trustly is probably one of the easiest deposit methods you can use in the online casino world.

Whilst not all casinos are using Trustly yet to make deposits easier, their presence is slowly starting to increase. Soon, you’ll find that more and more online casinos will start adopting Trustly as one of their payment methods. Trustly is one of the most straightforward deposit methods you can use and requires very little effort. On your favourite casino’s deposit, simply select the deposit method Trustly once you’re signed in. You’ll then be redirected to log in through your bank account and authorise the payment. It’s as easy as A B C.

Why should you play at casinos with Trustly?

You should choose Trustly because it’s the banking solution of the future. There isn’t a better way to transfer your money if you’re looking for simplicity and convenience. You can also keep your mind at rest because it’s safe and secure.

Guarantees on payments Not all casinos offer Trustly
Extra security measures Not universally available among all banks
No need to create an account Withdrawals may be slow since the money will transfer back to your bank account
Easy and convenient No option to create an account so must enter bank details each time
Mobile friendly You may incur extra fees
Regulated Limited customer service support
Trustly Pros and Cons

Many players choose Trustly as their choice of payment method because it’s fast, safe and easy to use. You can say Trustly acts as the middleman, helping to transfer payments from consumer to the casino. Your deposit will enter your account instantly, leaving you with more time to play the latest slot games. You don’t even have to leave the casino website as you’ll be redirected through the Trustly secure server to make your payment, sending you straight back once you finalise your deposit. There’s no need to create an account, so there’s no need to agonise over trying to remember yet another password.

If safety is your biggest concern when choosing a payment method, it’s great to know that Trustly guarantees all payments on both sides. It’s normal to worry about security when using a payment method for the first time, but Trustly incorporates the highest encryption standard alongside your bank’s security system. You will have to go through your bank’s normal security procedure whilst depositing via Trustly. Trustly stores no bank details whatsoever, so you don’t need to fret that your personal details will end up in the wrong hands.

Whilst Trustly is a great and innovative payment method, it’s not without its faults. Unfortunately, as with many other fintech companies, Trustly is still relatively new to the online payment world. Not many casinos offer Trustly as a payment method yet as it’s only just starting to expand. However, this is soon changing as more and more casinos are adding Trustly to their list of payment options. The most consumer-friendly casinos have already got a head start. For now, you may have to do some digging to find an online casino that accepts Trustly, but you can always start by looking at our list here at JohnSlots.

Even if you do find a casino that accepts Trustly payments, you may find yourself at the short end of the stick as not all banks support the Trustly bank transfer service. However, this shouldn’t affect many players because Trustly partners with many of the UK’s popular banks, including Lloyds Bank, Barclays, NatWest, Santander, HSBC and Halifax. Visit the Trustly website to find out whether your bank is registered with Trustly. Make sure to also check whether your bank charges any fees for the use of Trustly services.

How to set up a Trustly account

There’s no need to create a Trustly account to deposit and withdraw via this payment service. Trustly is not an eWallet but instead acts solely as a payment transfer service. Trustly does not store any money or bank information. Trustly is simply a banking solution offering fast payments without the usual long delay between bank transfers. All you have to do is log-in to your personal online banking account through Trustly’s secure encryption service.

How to Make a Deposit with Trustly at an Online Casino

Trustly is not the most common payment method you’ll find at online casinos, but you’ll still manage to come across it. A number of the UK’s most popular casinos are already offering Trustly and it has quickly become very favoured among players. This is definitely because it’s effortless and uncomplicated.

Trustly Casino Deposits

Here’s how you can use Trustly at your casino:

1. Select a Trustly casino from our list of top-quality casinos
2. Sign-up and log-in to your casino account
3. Go to your casino’s deposit page
4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit
5. Select Trustly as your deposit method by clicking on the icon
6. You’ll be redirected through Trustly’s secure server to sign-in to your bank account
7. Authorise the payment through your bank account
8. You’ll be redirected straight to your casino
9. You’re ready to play your favourite games!

Trustly and bonuses

Unlike some other payment methods, you can usually claim your welcome offer when depositing via Trustly as the payment will come straight out of your bank account. This is great because there are so many incredible offers available for new players. Welcome bonuses are excellent because you can try some of the most popular slots for free and really get a feel of the casino. It’ll help you to judge whether you like it or not. Make sure you have your bonus code ready. If you’re unsure where to find it, the perfect place to look is at the casino’s promotion page.

Here’s how you can claim your welcome offer:

1. Choose one of the superb casinos on our list (we also display their welcome offers)
2. Create an account
3. Use the bonus code or deposit via the bonus link to activate the welcome bonus
4. Choose Trustly as your deposit method
5. Authorise the payment through your bank
6. Your welcome bonus will be available once you wager all your real money funds

Fees when using Trustly for deposits

There’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to fees when depositing with Trustly. Each casino is different and will have a different approach to this matter. This is why it’s always important to check the terms and conditions before you deposit to avoid any nasty surprises. Not all casinos will charge a fee for depositing via Trustly, but you can always get in touch with customer support if you’re unsure. However, the other important thing you have to look out for are bank charges. Some banks will charge a fee if you use Trustly to transfer payments. You’ll normally get a warning beforehand, but it’s still worth checking with your bank just in case.

Minimum deposits with Trustly

Trustly doesn’t have any minimum deposit conditions, but your casino will probably have limits. The minimum deposit you can make via Trustly will be your casino’s minimum deposit conditions. These range from £5 to £20, depending on the casino. Online casinos that take Trustly will usually state the minimum deposit terms on their payments page. However, you’ll definitely receive a notification if you’re trying to deposit below the minimum amount.

How fast are Trustly deposits?

Trustly is the king of online payments in the casino world as it’s constantly innovating to make the deposit and withdrawal process easier for consumers and companies alike. You can expect your deposit to reach your casino account instantly, no matter which online casino you’re registering with.

Sometimes, things go wrong and you may find yourself in an unfortunate situation where your money doesn’t successfully transfer into your account. Before you start panicking, always know that there’s help out there. The first thing you should do is contact your casino’s customer support so they can track the payment for you. In most cases, your deposit may just be delayed and will make its way into your account in no time. You may be asked to wait a couple of days for the payment to bounce back to your bank account or casino account. If you’re still unhappy with any response, it may be worth contacting Trustly’s customer service team to help you further.

How to Make a Withdrawal at an Online Casino using Trustly

Of course, just as deposits have been made quick and efficient, you’re going to want to expect the same for the withdrawals. Trustly will also make this process easier for you. It’s normal for withdrawals to take a little longer because they first need to be approved by your casino’s payment department. It can take up to 5 days for your money to reach your bank account, but this will vary from casino to casino.

There are only a few simple instructions you have to follow to request a withdrawal:

1. Sign-in to your casino
2. Go to your casino’s withdrawal page
3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
4. Select Trustly as your withdrawal option
5. You’ll be redirected to sign-in to your bank account through Trustly’s secure server
6. Confirm the withdrawal

Can I always withdraw my money using Trustly?

Not all casinos offer the same withdrawal methods as deposit methods. It may be the case that your casino doesn’t offer Trustly as a withdrawal method. There’s no need to worry if that’s the case as you will still be able to request a withdrawal to retrieve all your winnings. There are alternative options available for you.

Your casino will most likely ask you to request a withdrawal via bank transfer instead. Make sure you use the same bank account you used to deposit to make your life easier. You are unable to withdraw your winnings to a different bank account which you didn’t use to deposit. You may need to send in a copy of your bank statement to prove you’re the owner of the account in some cases.

Fees when using Trustly for withdrawals

Trustly itself doesn’t charge any fees when it comes to withdrawals, but your casino may do. Your casino should notify you if they charge any withdrawal fees but check the terms and conditions just to be sure. Your bank may charge a fee for using Trustly, similarly to deposits.

Minimum withdrawals with Trustly

Trustly does not have any minimum transaction conditions, but your casino may have limits. Many casinos won’t let you withdraw any winnings below £10 but, as always, this is not the case with all casinos. Some have higher minimum withdrawal limits, whilst others have lower minimum withdrawal limits. A casino will always state its limits in their terms and conditions, or you can find easy access to this information on their FAQ page.

How fast are Trustly withdrawals?

Withdrawals with Trustly are instant, just like their deposits. It’s worth noting that in some instances, you may have to wait about 2-5 working days for this to process to your bank. However, bear in mind that you will also have to wait for your casino to process the payment.

How to choose the best Trustly casino

Even though casinos are still trying to catch-up in incorporating Trustly as a payment method, you still have an abundance of choice. The first thing to look out for when choosing a Trustly casino is making sure it’s fair and doesn’t charge any fees. It’s also wise to check if the casino also accepts withdrawals via Trustly so you don’t have to wait too long to receive your winnings. As more and more casinos sign-up to provide Trustly, keep checking back at our website regularly to find out the latest casino to utilise this impeccable payment method.

  • Pick a casino that doesn’t charge you fees to use Trustly
  • Check to see if the casino also accepts withdrawals via Trustly
  • Find a casino that accepts Trustly offering the best bonus promotions

Similar payment methods to Trustly

Trustly may not be the payment method for you, and that’s okay. You may prefer a payment method where you have your very own account, or maybe you can’t find a Trustly casino that you like. There are still plenty of alternative options to choose from so you can still have fun playing slots.

  • If you want your payments to come straight from and to your bank account, but don’t feel comfortable using a third-party server to transfer your money, you can always go old-school. Just use your VISA and/or Mastercard debit card which you’re familiar with using.
  • If you’re looking for an eWallet to store your money so there’s not too much hassle from a bank account, Neteller has been developed with gamers in mind. You can set up an account for free and store money which you can transfer straight to your casino account.

Play at a Trustly casino and enjoy the rewards!

No one wants to be kept waiting around for their deposit to successfully process into their casino account. Trustly takes away that headache and provides you with instant deposits and quick withdrawals.

Learn more about Trustly casino sites (FAQs)

Trustly is a relatively new payment method so we’re here to answer your most common questions.

Trustly Casino Payments FAQs

Do I need to set up a Trustly account before using a Trustly casino?

No, you don’t need to set up a Trustly account before using a Trustly casino because it simply acts as a bank transfer service.

How do I know if I’m playing at a legit Trustly online casino?

You will always know if a casino site is reputable by checking if it holds a licence by the UK Gambling Commission. We will only ever list UK casinos that hold a licence.

Is there a Trustly casino bonus?

It’s very rare to find bonuses linked to payment methods, but you may find that if a casino has just introduced Trustly to their list of payment methods, they may be offering a special one-off promotion.

Are there any fees to pay for using a Trustly casino?

Some casinos will charge a fee so check the terms and conditions before you do so. You may incur a double fee because it’s not unusual for banks to charge an extra fee for using Trustly. This is up to each individual bank so get in touch with your bank to find out more.

Do all casinos take Trustly?

No, Trustly is still a new payment method and it’s slowly being rolled out at online casinos. However, many casinos are now signing up to utilise Trustly services. Take a look at our list for the latest Trustly casinos!

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