Mobile Casino

In this section, you will find everything you need to know about playing mobile casino games on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Play wherever and whenever you want, while all the casinos listed here will work on all kinds of devices.

Future of Mobile Gaming

Mobile casinos are the next generation of casino gambling that will allow you to carry your favourite casino games right in your pocket, everywhere you go. With mobile casinos, you enjoy profits and entertainment anywhere you go. Take advantage of our mobile casino guide below.

What are Mobile Casinos?

A mobile casino is exactly what it sounds like it would be – a mobile casino. It’s a mobile device friendly casino with adapted games that have been developed with the thought that they should work on iPhone, iPads, Android devices and other smartphones.

Mobile casinos have an exclusive selection of games that feature slots, blackjack, roulette and modern slots. Since this technology is relatively new, as is the phenomenon of casinos on a mobile device, the world’s leading game developers work very hard to develop new games so that the top casinos can offer them to you from their mobile casino.

Casinos on iPhone & iPad

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you also have complete access to mobile casinos. Casinos on the iPhone and iPad are the next generation of experiencing casino games that you shouldn’t miss out on. Just like on your computer, you can play for free or for real money in the mobile casinos. You can also take advantage of free promotions and bonuses, while you can also play most types of casino games.

Download Casino on iPhone

Downloading the casino on an iPhone is not always necessary. Often, you can simply browse to the mobile casino you wish to play and open it. You can check out our list of games that will suit your needs, based on what type of device you have, up at the top. You can register right from your computer or iPhone.

Some mobile casinos will have a QR code that allows you to access the mobile casino right from your iPhone by scanning the code. Some may also offer an “app” or equivalent on other phones that will take you directly to the mobile casino.

Download iPad Casino Games

Just like iPhones, there is no download always needed to play mobile casino games on your iPad. This allows you to reach the mobile casino with no need to install anything, and you can access it quickly and easily right from your iPad – you could create a shortcut on your iPad to make it easier if you prefer. You will also find some mobile casinos that offer “apps” or QR codes for even more ways to easily access mobile casinos.

Android Casino

Mobile phone manufacturers that use the Android operating systems, such as Sony, HTC, Motorola, Samsung and LG, can also access mobile casinos. You can go to Google Play and search for apps that will work on these types of mobile devices, or you can check out our list a little higher up and choose from some of the best that we have found.

There is no downloading required and if you have a membership at the regular casino, you will have access to the mobile casino. JohnSlots believe that mobile casinos on Androids look and play the best using tablets. It works well on mobile phones and other devices, but the way it looks on a tablet is modern and exciting!

Difference Between Mobile Casinos and Regular Casinos

The main difference between mobile casinos and the ones you play on your PC or laptop is obviously the way you access them and the availability. With a mobile casino, you can reach it anytime, anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection. The regular casinos tie you down to your computer since that was what they were designed for.

The general idea of each casino is the same – to provide gaming entertainment and the chance to play and win online from gambling on games. The mobile platform and its technologies are always evolving. The current climate of mobile gaming offers dozens of slot games, blackjack, roulette, and many other options. It will provide quick entertainment in an easy to use and access platform.

Advantages of Mobile Casinos

Accessibility and simplicity is the main advantage of playing on a mobile casino. Having games right at your fingertips anywhere you are is obviously a big plus. There’s no need for a laptop or computer, and all you need is a membership at the regular casino to access the mobile – that’s all!

When you choose to play on your mobile device, you will never get bored. People are always on-the-go these days, but we find plenty of situations where we are free. With the option to access slots and other gambling games on your mobile device, you can entertain yourself during these times or any moment when you need a break from work or just a little excitement. In that boring meeting, on the bus, in the waiting room – no matter where you are, you can gamble on your mobile phone!

Another advantage of playing on your mobile is the experience itself. The games cover the entire screen, which looks incredible on an iPad or Android tablet. Since the games are touch screen enabled, there’s no need to click buttons, and it has a very modern feel and is extremely easy to play.

Mobile Casino Development

There are numerous companies that are always refining and developing new technologies for various types of mobile devices. They constantly make sure the resolution, functionality, format and upload times are always the best. We will continue to see this area of the online casino industry develop due to the huge interest shown in it by players.

At the forefront of mobile gaming is Net Entertainment (or NetEnt for short). NetEnt’s Touch platform takes their technology to a new level when it comes to integration of players and games via touch screen devices. NetEnt Touch allows you to play your favourite games on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Other prominent members of the mobile casino realm are MicroGaming and Play n Go, who also have a wide range of games for your mobile.

The development of everything from classic slots to modern video slots for mobile has only just begun. The above mentioned companies are constantly creating new games and versions for mobile casinos. They add new and popular games all the time! This is evidence that within a few years, mobile casinos will become a full-fledged equivalent to the way we play on our computers and laptops.

Looking to the long-term future, it is likely that more and more people will choose to play on their mobile devices. Veteran players may continue to use their computers as tournaments and some other games can last a very long time. Playing blackjack for hours on end using your mobile device is also not ideal, nor optimal. The mobile device is, however, perfect for those who want quick entertainment 24-hours a day.

Step into the future now and start playing from your mobile device. You will never be bored, while also being involved in an exciting new journey of technology. Today’s mobile casinos are just the beginning of a new era in casinos. See JohnSlots’ list of mobile casinos for more inspiration.