9. Trustly

Trustly Payment Set Up Guide Online Casino

Trustly is a way to use your bank account to make payments while passing the risk for fraud or credit risks onto the Trustly service.

You provide Trustly with your bank login details when making a payment. Trustly then makes the payment through their system rather than your bank directly as you might use otherwise. Trustly guarantees the payments for the user (you) and for the gaming site, maximising security for both and protecting against fraud.

To get started, you first need to check whether your bank is eligible on the Trustly site. Beyond this, there is no set up! Trustly requires no registration or software, and is a method for payment rather than an account on a website.

Trustly Gambling Setup
Trustly Payment Method Casino Online Choice

To use Trustly, when making a deposit, look for the Trustly icon. Once you’ve made this selection, you’ll still be paying through your bank card, but with an extra layer of security afforded by the Trustly service.

The only alteration from making any other payment is that you need to look at the minimum deposits and deposit-related fees in advance of making a payment with Trustly – certain casinos may charge a deposit fee when using certain payment systems, which might include Trustly.

Trustly in a Nutshell

  • Guarantees on payments
  • Extra security measures
  • Not universally available
Trustly Payment Method Set Successful

What are the Advantages of Trustly?

Trustly is a leading online payment option for shopping and gaming alike. In an online casino, Trustly provides a way to pay without having to leave the website. It’s also safer for both the site and for the players, as payments are guaranteed on both sides, so fraud risks are reduced to an absolute minimum. Trustly itself is regulated by the Swedish FSA, making it a safe way to make your payments.

What’s more, Trustly doesn’t save your password or bank login details. In order for anyone to access your funds through Trustly, they would have to know your bank, your username, your password, and have access to your security token, which might take the form of a physical token, an SMS service, or another feature provided by your bank.

In terms of speed, Trustly allows for instant transactions through its Direct Debit product, making it one of the fastest ways to make payments on game websites.

What are the Disadvantages of Trustly?

While incredibly safe and secure, Trustly does have disadvantages. The foremost among these is that only a handful of online casinos use the Trustly system – which means that if you want to make use of it, you have to actively seek out the websites which do offer it. Likewise, on the banking end, not all banks are eligible for Trustly functionality – make sure to look on the Trustly website to see if yours is one of them before you rely on it for your payments!