Where to find casino campaigns for every day?

Some online casinos offer campaigns every day of the week - how to best find them?

Casino play is a fun and exciting activity that millions of players around the world enjoy every day. While casino games – their quality, variety and safety – are a top priority, players also have high expectations of the casino sites that offer them. This is where casino campaigns come in.

UK Casino brands run campaigns for many different reasons – to attract new players, to mark the launch of a new game or feature, and many others. But for players, these campaigns mean one thing and that’s extra value. Whether the campaign offers cash prizes, loyalty points, free spins or simply bragging rights, campaigns appeal to players because they offer something more in addition to the enjoyment they get when gambling.

Finding the right casino campaign for you is not as daunting as it sounds. Today we are talking about the best places to find casino promotion campaigns and how to go about it.

Find casino campaigns for every day of the week

1. Casino promotions pages

This is probably obvious to most players but it is worth talking about it. Pretty much every casino brand out there has a page dedicated to promotional campaigns. It might be called ‘Promotions’, ‘Bonuses’ or any number of different things but the function is the same i.e. collecting all the opportunities available to players at the particular casino.

While some brands are keen to plaster every spare bit of screen real estate with advertisements for their promotions, others don’t make much of a song and dance so it’s worth habitually visiting the promotions page at your preferred casino site, to ensure you don’t miss out on any new campaigns.

Conveniently, this page is where players can also find information on other casino features like tournaments or giveaways. Just another reason to give these pages the once over regularly.

The following online casinos have campaigns every week:

2. Game studios

Promotional campaigns take place at online casinos but in some instances, they are actually ‘run’ by game providers. An example of this would be Microgaming operating a campaign to mark the launch of the latest Lara Croft video slot. Casinos are able to offer their players the chance to participate in this campaign but it is technically being run by the games studio.

This kind of campaign can be extremely competitive seeing as players from multiple casinos are participating at once. Normally, studios offer proportionally larger prizes to compensate for this so it’s worth taking a look at what is on offer.

This also means that a visit to the studio’s own page could be a great source of information about such a campaign. It’s also a good opportunity to have a look at the game in question and in some cases, even give it a spin for free.

3. Email, text and apps

Casinos can also offer promotions directly to players, sending them communications directly to their inbox with information on the promo and how to participate. Sometimes casinos offer said promos exclusively via email, which means that they will not be visible on the general promotions page.

Players can also receive news about fresh campaigns via text and, if they have downloaded one, via notifications on the casino’s mobile app. To be able to stay updated in this way, players should ensure that they have made it clear that they want to receive communications from the casino. These settings can be changed via the player’s casino account and through the app’s settings if applicable.

4. JohnSlots

Here at JohnSlots, we love a good campaign as much as anyone! Our team are dedicated to tracking down the latest and greatest casino campaigns, including any juicy exclusives on offer. Our Promos section is where you’ll find up to date information about new campaigns and our News section covers new releases to look forward to, which casinos may be keen to promote in future.


Casino campaigns are a great way to get more bang for your buck at your favourite online sites. To stay updated, remember to check the casino’s promotions page, keep an eye on network-wide campaigns by game developers, make sure you can receive direct communication from the casino and of course, take a peek at our promotional news here at JohnSlots.