Regarded as one of Canada’s best payment solutions, Interac has quickly become the default choice for many casino players. The system’s high levels of security, paired with an easy interface and lightning-fast transactions make it one of the best online casino payment options.

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Our guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about Interac and its use at online casinos. We’ll be sharing our insights and tips, pros and cons, as well as our very own list of recommended Interac online casinos.


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We’ll kick things off with our very own list of recommended Interac casinos. Our team has put together this selection based on several criteria. The aim is to pick the best, most trusted casinos that make support Interac. This ought to save you some time researching, giving you more time to play!

Why Should You Play at Casinos with Interac?

As the net continues to fill up with all kinds of e-wallet solutions, services like Interac have managed to keep above the rest of the crowd. This comes down to the fantastic service that the payment provider offers, guaranteeing its users a friendly experience that is easy to navigate, secure to use and incredibly fast. This ethos has worked well for online casino players, who look for fast, secure, and easy payment methods to handle their gaming affairs.

Interac offers a fantastic payment solution that works with your existing payment setups. The service is free, and registration is incredibly straightforward, although Interac does come with several drawbacks. We feel that the positives heavily outweigh the negatives here, with Interac giving online casino players one of the most complete payment services we’ve ever come across.

The Pros and Cons of Interac

PROS OF Interac CONS OF Interac
Interac has a high level of security, with a low rate of fraud and credit card embezzlement. Limited accessibility means that it is not available at all casinos.
Interac’s intuitive interface is very easy to use. Interac is only available to users in Canada.
Availability on both desktop and mobile devices. Withdrawals aren’t supported by all casinos.
Speedy transfers with instant deposits and fast withdrawals. Withdrawals can be subject to set limitations.
Minimal fees included in your overall experience. Although fees are minimal, they are still applied to every transfer you make.
A trusted payment provider in Canada. Some casinos exclude Interac from promotional offers.

How to Deposit with Interac at an Online Casino

Transaction security is always at the top of a casino player’s priority list. But in a world that thrives on instant services, speed is also incredibly important. One of Interac’s biggest advantages comes from the fact that it supports instant deposits, allowing you to make casino payments in the blink of an eye.

This of course varies from one casino to another, as some sites opt not to offer an instant deposit feature. In these cases, Interac is still a fast option to go buy, with deposits never taking over 48 hours to process.

  1. Set up your account
  2. Select a casino from our list
  3. Choose Interac as a payment method
  4. Enter the amount you would like to deposit
  5. Enter your account details and click confirm
  6. Go back into your casino account

Interac and Bonuses

The majority of online casinos that support Interac allow players to redeem bonus deals and offers using the popular payment system. We’ve been able to claim welcome bonuses, free spins, reload deals, cashbacks and more without any issues.

In some cases, you might be required to enter a specific bonus code to access the offer in question, though this rarely tends to be the case. With all this having been said, there are still some casinos that don’t allow their bonuses to function with Interac. Always check a casino’s bonus terms and conditions to find out what payment methods are supported.

Fees When Using Interac for Deposits

Interac doesn’t charge you any direct fees when depositing at an online casino, although it does have its other fees related to bank transactions. This makes the payment methods incredibly cost-effective, although some casinos might still charge you their fee on deposits made using Interac.

The best online casinos never charge any additional fees, but some sites might still uphold this policy. Reading through a casino’s payment terms and conditions will tell you exactly what their fee policy is.

Minimum Deposits with Interac

Interac places no restrictions on the minimum deposit that be placed when playing at an online casino. But practically all casino sites implement their minimum deposit amount anyway. This will vary from one casino to another, depending on the sort of budget that the casino caters for.

How Fast are Interac Deposits?

Interac does its best to get deposits through as soon as possible. The payment method is capable of instant deposits, but this technology is only available at casinos that support it. The best casinos tend to offer this super-fast service, but there are of course several sites that do not. In that case, Interac deposits can take up to 48 hours to process.

If your deposit hasn’t gone through, always double-check to see if you have input all of the correct details. If the problem persists, we recommend you contact the casino’s customer support to resolve the issue. Online casinos offer varying degrees o customer support with phone, email and even 24/7 live chat services.

How to Withdraw with Interac at an Online Casino

Most casinos that support Interac allow for both deposits and withdrawals to be processed through the payment method. Withdrawals always take longer than deposits to complete, but Interac is still one of the faster options, offering a service that can successfully withdraw funds within 48 hours.

Some casinos out there will have their withdrawal fees and minimum restrictions, but Interac imposes none of these limitations.

  • Head to your online casino’s withdrawal page
  • Select Interac as a withdrawal option
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Approve the withdrawal

Can I Always Make Withdrawals with Interac?

Despite its great service and popularity, not all online casinos support withdrawals through Interac. In these cases, casinos will still allow you to make deposits using the payment method but will completely disable the option to make a withdrawal. This might upset some players who wish to use the same payment method for all their transactions, but there are a few workarounds that can be followed.

Online casinos tend to offer a wide array of payment methods. E-wallets are generally the fastest way to cash out, but you could also opt for card options and even direct bank transfers. The latter two options can be quite slow though, and withdrawals through their services might take up to a week to process.

How to Choose Online Casinos that Accept Interac

We understand that safety, trust, and efficiency are of the utmost priority for online casino players. With such a dense market of online casinos popping around every corner, it might be hard to separate the fraudulent from the legitimate. That’s why our team sifts through the pile using key criteria which will give our readers a list of trustworthy Interac online casinos that can provide the very best experiences.

These include the following:

  • Security and Licenses – The best online casinos encrypt all of their data transfers using SSL 128 or 256 technology. Casinos are also awarded licenses based on their good practices. The more noteworthy licenses a casino holds, the more legitimate it is. Top licenses like the MGA and UKGC give you a clear indication of the casino’s level of trust.
  • Game Library – An online casino’s experience would be nothing without a solid stream of high-quality games. The very best sites employ the services of top game providers with plenty of popular classic titles and ground-breaking modern releases. This helps build a balanced library of games that caters to a variety of players.
  • Customer Support – Regardless of how good an online casino is, players are bound to run into some issues at some point. This is where strong customer service comes in. Detailed and easy-to-follow FAQ catalogues are essential to helping players navigate the simplest of issues, giving them the agency to resolve any small problems they encounter. On the other hand, more serious issues will need direct input, which casinos provide through phone, email, and live chat support.
  • Payment Methods – Online casinos must offer players a variety of payment methods to choose from. This allows players to pick the option they feel most comfortable with, tuning their experience through these kinds of choices. Payment methods on offer should also offer players fast and safe transactions, with simple and easy navigation systems that will help them achieve their goals.
  • Casino Bonuses – Most online casinos offer players a range of promotional offers to take advantage of. We look for fair casinos that are as upfront as possible with their deals, letting players know exactly what they’re signing up for and what they’ll be getting. This means that casinos in our top picks have adequate wagering requirements and lengthy expiry periods, as well as balanced max win caps and fair max bet amounts.

Similar Payment Methods to Interac

Although Interac is the default choice for many online casino players, it might still not be the right fit for you. If that happens to be the case, why not consider one of these other popular payment options?

  • Skrill – The safe and secure e-wallet solution is available across most online casinos around the net.
  • InstaDebit – Operating in a very similar way to Interac, InstaDebit offers Canadian players a safe, fast, and easy way to manage all of their online casino payments.
  • VISA – A more traditional way to pay, VISA offers players an incredibly secure way to make their payments, even if it takes a while to process them.
  • MasterCard – Another common way to pay, MasterCard is a trusted and secure payment method that also suffers from long processing times.
  • Bank transfer – Offering a secure and direct way to interact with your bank account, bank transfers are very secure, even though they offer no anonymity and come with reduced processing speeds.

Play at an Interac Casino and Enjoy the Rewards!

Interac offers players a complete experience, with fast and secure payments that can be handled with ease. Sadly, the payment solution is only available in Canada, which limits its user base and the number of casinos that support it. But if you have access to the service, we recommend picking Interac for a smooth online casino experience.


Still, have some burning questions that need answering? Our Interac FAQ will address the most common questions that you, our readers ask about the payment provider.

How do I use Interac to make payments at an online casino?

When supported, Interac can be selected as a deposit method in the payment screen. Simply select it as your preferred payment method and then follow the rest of the instructions to complete your payment.

How do I know if I’m playing at a legit Interac online casino?

Legit casinos come with several licenses that confirm their legitimacy. Casinos with a license from the Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gaming Commission are generally sites that can be trusted. To make your search for a legitimate Interac casino easier, we have compiled a list of the top sites on the net. This will help narrow down your search and point you in the right direction.

Is there an Interac casino bonus?

Interac doesn’t come with its very own casino bonus. Instead, you can use Interac to claim ordinary online casino bonuses from sites around the net. This will of course vary from one site to the next, so be sure to check a casino’s terms and conditions to make sure that Interac can indeed claim the site’s bonus offers.

Are there any fees to pay for using an Interac casino?

Interac does not have any direct fees for online casino payments. Still, some casinos might choose to implement their fees on payments. Be sure to check a casino’s payment conditions to get a clear picture of how their policies function.

Do all casinos take Interac?

Despite its great service and growing popularity, Interac is not supported at all online casinos. This is also because Interac is only available to users in Canada. This limits the payment provider to only casinos that operate within Canadian regions.

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