UK Casinos

The UK is a strictly regulated market, meaning casinos accepting UK players need a UK license. Here, we’ve compiled all the best UK casinos that offer their service to players based there. Find well written websites, customer support that speaks your language, and GBP casino promotions!

UK casinos have met rigorous safety testing in order to be able to accept UK casino players, so you know these are casinos you can trust. They’ll offer tailored games to the UK casino market, tailored promotions and, in most cases, GBP player accounts and bonuses in pound sterling.

Best UK Casinos

There are many UK casinos, but only a few can be considered the best. We’re constantly trying, testing and adding new ones to our listing so check back for the latest UK casinos to try out.  Also, we are always making new evaluations where we take everything from casino customer service, casino bonuses and layout of the site into consideration. These factors, plus more, will determine who holds the throne of the best UK casino. We’re regularly update this list and add new UK casinos, so be sure to check back and see which UK casinos there are, which are the best for UK casino players and where does the best UK casino bonus.

UK Casino Sites

To be considered a UK casino site, the casino must have a license from the UK Gambling Commission. The UK is a regulated market that means any casino can operate there and accept UK players, however they must apply for and be granted a UK Gambling Commission casino license first. The casino itself might not have originated within the UK but they certainly have a UK casino base and have been given a seal of approval from the government trusted UK Gambling Commission. The UK is considered one of the strictest casino licensing bodies in the entire world, so you know that a casino holding this license is one that you can trust.

How Many UK Casinos Are There?

It’s hard to confirm exactly how many UK casinos there are, as the list is constantly growing. The market became regulated a few years back which meant that the number of UK casinos dropped dramatically. Before, any casino with an EU license could accept UK players, but afterwards, the casino had to hold a UK license too. As it’s so hard to be accepted, many didn’t make the mark. For this reason there is a smaller selection of UK casinos than European casinos, but they’re the most reliable casinos on the market. There are, of course, the usual suspects that have their roots in the UK gambling high street. However, there are plenty more names who began online and started as European casinos before being tested and awarded a UK license, making them trustworthy UK casinos.

UK Casino Bonuses

The UK has been a gambling nation for many centuries, so we’re smart gamblers. We know what we want, we know what works, we know what is genuine, and what is too good to be true. We also have a super strict licensing body, the UK Gambling Commission, looking out for us, so UK casino bonuses take all of those things into account. In general, a UK casino bonus might look smaller than a European casino bonus but the terms are generally much more attractive, and, if you shop around, you can get some really big UK casino bonus deals.

UK players can enjoy risk free bets and match bets when betting on sportsbook, 100% bonus and 200% bonus on casino deposits, plus lots of free spins. Some casinos are even able to offer no deposit free spins which are applied to your casino account as soon as you open it, making them free spins without deposit.


UK Online Casino Games

UK casino players have always loved traditional table games like roulette and blackjack, so you’ll find those games are included within most UK online casinos. We’re also big fans of the fruit machines and even these have gone online in the form of classic slots and video slots. But they are much improved. With considerably higher return to player percentages (online you’re looking at over 90% whereas a fruit machine in your local pub will be more like 60 – 70%), loads more profitable features, and very cool designs, online slots beat pub fruit machines by a mile.

UK Pound Sterling Casinos

Most online casinos have the euro as their base currency – simply because it’s simple, saves them integrating a different currency for every country, and is understood by most people around the world. Even if a casino accepts UK casino players, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re a GBP casino. However, in order to be one of the best UK casinos, pound sterling is a requirement. They should allow UK casino players to deposit in GBP, to withdraw in GBP and have their player balance displayed in GBP. Even more importantly, their casino bonuses need to show as GBP casino bonuses, so you instantly understand exactly what you’re being offered.