Aliens slot

Aliens slot

The Aliens slot based on the now cult film ‘Aliens’, is a full on hit from NetEnt. NetEnt have once again succeeded in the art of making the unreal real, and invites us to play along in an extra-terrestrial experience in this sci-fi horror and action-drama slot.

Aliens slot

The Aliens slot based on the now cult film ‘Aliens’, is a full on hit from NetEnt. NetEnt have once again succeeded in the art of making the unreal real, and invites us to play along in an extra-terrestrial experience in this sci-fi horror and action-drama slot.


Aliens Slot Free Spins

The action-packed, inter-galactic kingdom slot Aliens is a result of the great effort from NetEnt in the spring of 2014. Did you know that you can easily play with Aliens free spins? There are several online casinos that offer free spins, designed to let players test their NetEnt games and still have a chance to win. We at John Slots have saved you the effort of locating the best free spins deals and list all NetEnt’s bonuses right here. Playing on the Aliens slot with free spins benefits your gaming experience!

Finding no deposit free spins for slots like Aliens is something many strive for. In the game you can win re-spins that work exactly the same way as free spins. It is completely free to play with re-spins, and your chance to win money is still present. The only difference is that re-spins are aimed only at the free spins’ first round, unlike the normal Aliens free spins that tend to be several rounds. 

Aliens Slot Bonus

Before you set out on your extra-terrestrial missions you need to double check a few things. Are you sitting comfortably? Is the coffee fresh? And do you have enough money in your account to get an optimal space adventure?

For those of you who really want to go to hunt Aliens and big profits, it might be smart to take advantage of an Aliens bonus to get more money to play for. More or less all online casinos offer you a welcome bonus. Therefore, it is smart to know which online casinos offer the best welcome bonuses for you to survive the galactic trials. We at John Slots have listed all NetEnts bonuses, so you can easily start your space mission in the best way possible.

With free spins or an Aliens bonus in the slot, betting becomes neither costly nor risky – because you get more to play with, for more than you invested. The online slots, however, belong to the group of casino games that really give value for money for players with high return to player rates, entertainment, excitement and graphics of the highest class!

There is no specific Aliens bonus within the game itself. However, if you and climb to different levels and activate the game functions, your winnings will be multiplied several times. Your chances of winning also become higher depending on the level you manage to get to.

Play Aliens slot

The first thing you will notice when you start Aliens slot is how neat and how well made the game is. With impressive 3D graphics, you can follow your very own space adventure first hand. A collaboration between NetEnt and the film production company – 20th Century Fox, which resulted in a dark and funny game with well-made in-game movies.

In Aliens slot, you will run through three different levels. The three levels available are; “The Search,” “The Encounter” and “The Hive”. These locations are based on the real film, so the Aliens fans will truly be able to recognize themselves in the game.

It is important to quickly rise from level “The Search” to “The Hive”. As, for each level you advance yourself to, you increase your chances of getting your winnings multiplied and your profit chances raised.

Aliens slot is a 5 reel game, with 3 different lines. You can select the maximum to get up to 15 chances to win each spin. In the game you can get symbols such as Wild Symbols, Re-Spins and Multipliers.

Symbols and Wilds

On the NetEnt slot, Aliens, there are numerous ways to win. Your wins may be nominal or they may be life-changing but, regardless, the best way to win is to line up Wilds and special symbols. The ones to keep an eye out for are the Re-Spins, Multipliers and Wild symbols.

Wild symbols can be combined with any and all symbols with the exception of Multipliers and Re-Spins. A Wild symbol in this game with neither increase or reduce your profits when combined with two other identical symbols.

Multipliers will, as the name implies, multiply the amount each of your wins is worth. Quite how many times your profits will be multiplied is governed by how many Multipliers show up on the game screen.

Aliens Slot Jackpot

There is unfortunately no Aliens slot jackpots that can be won. However, there are lots of special features that can increase your spending cash massively. The biggest prize you can win on Aliens being a huge 570,000 dollars!

To reach the big win, you need to get to the last level of the bonus game “The Hive”, where you can have your stake multiplied throughout 240 times. 

Aliens Slot on Mobile

Playing Aliens slot mobile work just fine! In fact Aliens slot mobile launched the same day as the desktop version. NetEnt most likely have a long-term plan to make nearly all of their slot games available for mobiles and Aliens slot was a clear indication of this.

The slot machine has been designed to be playable on all iOS devices, as well as Android devices. That means you can play Aliens slot on your iPhone and iPad in 3D without problems, and you can also play Aliens slot on Android. The graphics and animation works just fine from mobile devices!

Game Functions

It is, however, the cool bonus games that make this slot unique. They consist of three levels that the Aliens pay table calls “The Search,” “The Encounter” and “The Hive”. These exciting levels reflect the film in a very good way, if you have ever seen the movie, you will surely recognize them.

The Search

At the first level, “The Search”, you can win fantastic cash prizes that can be multiplied several times. Here, you collect the symbolic values that accumulate in the Aliens Activity Meter. When it is full (when you’ve collected nine symbolic values), and you will proceed to Tier 2.

The Encounter

On the second level, “The Encounter”, the benefits are more valuable than in “The Search”, and bets can be multiplied more times than in the previous step. Where you will meet various fearsome creatures while trying to keep a look out for the symbols overlapping in combination with the multiplier – It can generate huge wins! You also need to stay vigilant of the “Ammo clip-wheels” and “Ammo Clip-counter”. Ammo Clip-wheels generate re-spins and Ammo Clip-counters keep track of your ammo. Hopefully you have enough to get past the aliens – then you can proceed to the third and final level.

The Hive

“The Hive” is the last and most desirable level. Here you have to defeat a boss who is an enormous Alien, also called the Queen. The Queen is in her throne (The Hive) and your mission is to eliminate her with grenades. A Hive Health Meter shows how much longer the Queen has to live, your goal is to reach the 0 position on the Hive Health-meter. If you succeed with this mission, you will be handsomely rewarded, your bet will be multiplied up to 240 times.

Aliens Slot Tips

Here you have to practice play and learn the game – with time you learn all the features and useful tricks that can improve your chances of winning and increase the entertainment value. However, even if you learn the most by playing the game by yourself, we want to give you some more Aliens slot advice:

– Try Aliens for free here at John Slots

– Practice until you learn the rules

– Save money with bonuses and free spins

– Play for fun – not to win

– Do not forget about your budget – never play for more than you can afford to lose.

Keep all the interesting information and trivia about the game Aliens in mind before you go on your space adventure!