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Throughout our guide, we will give you a full rundown of how Apple Pay works at online casinos and how you can get the most out of it. We’ll give you insights into our observations about the service, giving you a detailed analysis of what works and what doesn’t, as well as recommendations for picking the best online casinos that support Apple Pay.


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We analyse casinos based on a series of security and quality checks, ensuring that our recommendations offer you the best experience possible. The features and functionality that these casinos offer may vary slightly, but all of them are guaranteed to have the JohnSlots seal of approval. So, without further ado, check out our top recommendations for Apple Pay casinos.

Why Should You Play at Casinos with Apple Pay?

Launched in 2014, Apple Pay is the tech giant’s very own mobile payment and digital wallet service. It digitises your very own debit and credit cards, allowing you to use them for contactless payments using Apple products, as well as online transactions. Embedded with a series of security features, the service also incorporates Apple products’ biometric security features to make payments as efficient and secure as possible.

The service is aimed exclusively at Apple users who own an iOS-compatible device. The service is incredibly simple to use. You can simply use your Apple ID to get started and hook up any existing credit or debit cards. A quick bank check is all that is required, and you’ll be able to start sealing the deal with Apple Pay.

The Pros and Cons of Apple Pay

We’ve outlined the pros and cons of this payment method so you can easily see if it fits your needs.

PROS OF Apple Pay CONS OF Apple Pay
Quick and easy service, transactions are processed at lightning-fast speeds. Exclusively available to Apple product users. This means that people using Android and Windows systems are completely excluded from the service.
High level of security thanks to Apple’s ingenious use of encryption and biometric security services. Apple Pay is only supported on devices that run the latest iOS versions. Older devices will not be able to use the service. This also means that any Apple devices you currently own will most likely stop being supported in the near future.
No additional fees incurred by the service, so you never have to pay anything extra. Very few casinos currently support Apple Pay.
Apple Pay uses your existing debit and credit cards, so you can seamlessly perform transaction using existing channels of pay. You must access the casino through the Apple device. Although it sounds obvious, bear in mind that you will need to have a charged Apple device running the casino in order to use the service.
All card details are securely stored on the service, so you don’t need to re-enter them or store them onto the casino’s database. Apple Pay cannot be used to make withdrawals. As such, the service is strictly limited to making deposits.
Highly trusted and approved payment solution. The service is still locked in some countries and regions.

How to Deposit with Apple Pay at an Online Casino

Setting up your Apple Pay account and placing a deposit is incredibly easy. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be making Apple Pay deposits at your online casino in no time.

  1. Set up your Apple Pay account using your Apple ID
  2. Select a casino from our list
  3. Choose Apple Pay as a payment method
  4. Enter the amount you would like to deposit
  5. Enter your account details and click confirm
  6. Go back into your casino account

Apple Pay and Bonuses

Players looking to cash in on a sweet welcome bonus will be happy to hear that these can be redeemed using Apple Pay. This includes welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, loyalty club offers, cashbacks and more. These bonuses are still subject to their respective casino’s terms and conditions, so it’s always worth checking these out thoroughly before signing on. You might also need to input specific bonus codes when making your deposit.

These details will vary from one casino to another, so be sure to check what the exact requirements are before making your Apple Pay deposit.

Fees When Using Apple Pay for Deposits

As a general rule, you shouldn’t be charged any additional fees when depositing at a casino using Apple Pay. All of your funds usually go directly into your account, ready to be wagered in one way or another.

Of course, this may vary from one casino to another, so be sure to check every casino’s terms and conditions to make sure that your selected online casino offers you a service that you are happy with.

Minimum Deposits with Apple Pay

Apple Pay doesn’t set any minimum deposit limitations on its service. Still, the casinos that support Apple pay set their very own minimum deposit restrictions. This varies from one site to another, with different casinos catering for different budgets. Some casinos accept deposits of as little as £5, while others might even require £20.

You can verify this through the respective casino’s FAQ, terms & conditions, or payments section. Here you will be able to determine just what the minimum deposit amount is for the casino you’ve chosen. Rest assured that as long as it is supported, Apple Pay will be able to make all sorts of deposits you choose to make.

How Fast are Apple Pay Deposits?

Apple Pay promises lightning-fast, instant transactions whenever it’s used. As such, all deposits you make should take place instantly and the funds you commit ought to be immediately available. This may vary from one casino to another, so always be sure to check the casino’s policy to verify the right deposit timeframes.

If your deposit doesn’t go through, double-check your details to make sure that you have entered everything correctly. If after verifying this you still run into issues, contact the online casino’s customer support through email, contact form, phone or live chat services to resolve your issue directly.

How to Withdraw with Apple Pay at an Online Casino

Although Apple Pay offers a safe and efficient way to make deposits at online casinos, it doesn’t support withdrawals. We understand that to some players this might be a dealbreaker, as they would rather deposit and withdraw using the same payment method, but no online casino currently supports Apple Pay withdrawals.

The best alternative is to withdraw using the bank transfer option, which will allow you to withdraw funds to the account that is associated with your Apple Pay card. The process does take a bit longer (between 3-5 days) than the usual Apple Pay transaction times, but in the end, you’ll still manage to withdraw your funds back to the desired location.

Can I Always Make Withdrawals with Apple Pay?

As previously mentioned, Apple Pay withdrawals are not yet supported at online casinos. You alternatively opt for a different payment method altogether and withdraw using a different service. If you’re keen on withdrawing your funds back to the same account associated with your Apple Pay card, you can do so through the bank transfer option.

How to Choose Online Casinos that Accept Apple Pay

At JohnSlots, we want you to have the best online casino experience possible. As such, we only like to recommend online casinos that fit certain criteria. This includes the following:

  • Fair Bonuses – We make sure that the bonuses offered by the casino are relatively fair and do not take advantage of players. This is generally reflected through low wagering requirements, adequate expiry periods, moderate maximum bet amounts and flexible maximum win caps.
  • Safety and Security – The casinos we recommend must hold gaming licenses from trusted organisations. The more trusted licenses the casino has, the more reliable it is for players to enjoy. Casinos must also ensure safe transactions with robust data encryption and firewall technologies.
  • Game Quality – We look for casinos that have a good variety of game providers supporting them. This ensures that their library of games is filled with great releases, giving you a wide variety of entertaining experiences.
  • Customer Support – Although we all hope to have an immaculate time playing at our favourite online casinos, we will at some point run into an issue or two. As such, we recommend casinos that have a strong customer support service. This will ideally include a detailed FAQ section, as well as 24/7 email and live chat support.
  • Payment Methods – Our recommended casinos offer a wide range of trusted payment methods, such as Apple Pay. Casinos ideally do not charge any additional fees, providing instant deposits and fast withdrawals.

Check out our list of top picks to see the best Apple Pay casinos on the net. Our team is constantly updating these lists with new additions and changes, so be sure to check back for the latest information.

Similar Payment Methods to Apple Pay

If Apple Pay doesn’t feel like the right payment method for you, you might want to check out one of these similar alternatives.

  • Google Pay – Google’s answer to Apple Pay. The system works similarly with a few advantages, including access across all Android phones and Windows systems.
  • PayPal – Perhaps the net’s most popular electronic wallet, PayPal simplified secure internet payment ages ago. It offers fantastic security and lightning-fast transactions.
  • VISA Debit – A traditional payment method using one of the most trusted payment methods in the world. Operates slower than electronic wallets like Apple Pay.
  • MasterCard Debit – Functioning in a similar way to the above, this is a common way to perform transactions across the net at a reduced speed.
  • Bank Transfer – A direct transaction to your bank account. Secure and easy to follow, although it does take a while longer than other options.

Play at an Apple Pay Casino and Enjoy the Rewards!

Apple Pay is an easy, fast, and secure way to make deposits when playing at an online casino. As long as you have an Apple device that supports the service, you’ll be able to make instant deposits with minimal effort. Minimise the boring bits and maximise your playtime.


Looking for more answers to your questions about Apple Pay casinos? Check out our FAQ section, which will iron out the most popular questions that players face.

How do I use Apple Pay to make payments at an online casino?

First of all, you must make sure that the casino you have selected supports Apple Pay. When it’s time to make a deposit, simply select Apple Pay from the list of payment providers. Enter the amount you would like to deposit and follow the rest of the process accordingly.

How do I know if I’m playing at a legit Apple Pay online casino?

Legitimate casinos can be easily identified by looking for their gaming licenses. Licenses like the UK Gaming Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority offer a high level of reliability that you can trust. If you want to skip the detective work and jump straight to picking from a list of top casinos, check out our picks for the best Apple Pay casinos.

Is there an Apple Pay casino bonus?

There is no dedicated Apple Pay casino bonus available, but the payment method is compatible with the majority of casino bonuses out there. This means that you can use Apple Pay to take advantage of any welcome or reload bonuses that are offered by online casinos.

Are there any fees to pay for using an Apple Pay casino?

The biggest and best casinos are generally free from any additional charges, both when using Apple Pay and other payment methods. Still, some fees might be charged by some casinos, so always check the site’s terms and conditions thoroughly before making any deposits to your account.

Do all casinos take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is not one of the most popular casino payment methods. The service is offered at several leading online casinos, offering players the chance to make a deposit using the service. Apple Pay does not support any online casino withdrawals.