Good Girl, Bad Girl
Good Girl, Bad Girl

Good Girl, Bad Girl

Frequently listed among the "best video slots of all time", Good Girl, Bad Girl, revolves around the eternal conflict between good and evil, and allows players to entertain both their naughty and nice sides or, if preferred, a little of both. Pick Bad Mode or Good Mode, utilise Multipliers and Wilds as they appear, pray for a bonus feature, await the jackpot, and you'll either be in slots-heaven or go down in flames.
  • RTP: 97.8
  • VOLATILITY: medium
  • FREE SPINS: yes
    4.5 rating
    4.5 /5

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Good Girl, Bad Girl Free Spins

When you consider Good Girl, Bad Girl’s features, its popularity is hardly surprising. Among it’s staggering list of value-adding features are, of course, free spins. Land a Money Wheel Bonus- explained in detail below, and free spins are one potential reward.

Good Girl, Bad Girl Slot

Good Girl, Bad Girl, is a slot full of contrast. On one side of the reels, a stairway to the pearly gates of heaven, cherubs playing lyres, and an angelic woman (albeit suggestively dressed) all in white- blonde-haired and haloed. On the other, a pierced, tattooed, red-faced female with obligatory devil horns, skimpy leather outfit, a forked tail and fishnet stockings. They’re both flying but, while the ‘Good Girl’ wears white, feathered, beauties, ‘Bad Girl’ flutters in a pair of blood-red ones- loitering a little closer to the burning fires of hell, naturally.

Depending upon your mood, you can adjust your game play with just a press of a button. Play as the ‘Good Girl’ for a lower risk game-play experience with more frequent payouts- albeit with fewer chances to win big, while playing as ‘Bad Girl’ opens up a higher risk, more volatile game but, with it, an increased chance of landing a higher payout (if you win at all).

Alternatively, play both modes at the same time for access to an erratic slot that’ll keep you guessing all the way to the bank- you can only hope.

Until you’re used to it, Good Girl, Bad Girl can seem a complex slot but, considering the 15 paylines and standard 3 row, 5 reel set-up, it’s easy to get your head around once you get started. Besides, with a progressive jackpot, bonus game, and a ton of special features, it’s worth spending some time getting used to at the very least.

Symbols and Features

The girls themselves are the highest value standard symbols in this slot and, following them, you’ll find the good and evil versions of the same animal- one a cute fluffy bunny, the other a rabbit you might find in a horror film, the type that plagues your sleep for days. Besides that, there are the Bad Girl/Good Girl takes on the usual 10, J, Q, K, A symbols.

Good Girl, Bad Girl Wilds and Bonus Feature

You’ll find Wild symbols in this slot too- with a pitchfork denoting the Wild for Good Mode, and a halo for Bad Mode- each of which reveals a hidden multiplier when landed on. While the pitchfork Wild can occur on reels 3, 4 and 5 (which makes a lot of sense considering Bad Mode plays right to left), the Halo Wild can pop up on reels 1, 2 and 3.

If you’re fortunate enough to land both together, cosying up side by side, a ‘Click Me’ bonus round will be activated. How this round appears to you will vary depending on the mode you’re playing but, either way, you’ll be able to choose between one of four gift boxes. Within, a small win or a medium win (non-glowing boxes), a big win or a collect (the glowing boxes).

Money Wheel Bonus with Progressive Jackpot

There is also a Double Up Bonus Feature with a coin toss round, and the aforementioned Money Wheel Bonus when three Money Wheel symbols align anywhere across reels 1, 3 and 5. Again, you will play either in Good Money or Bad Money Wheel mode (and can choose between the two options if you’re playing as both) and prizes on offer include free spins, instant credits and access to a progressive jackpot (but you’ll need to be playing on max for the latter).

Good Girl, Bad Girl Strategies and Cheats

While playing slots is, of course, a game of chance (governed by random number generators), it could be suggested that some slots like Good Girl, Bad Girl, offer players opportunities to adopt strategies and ‘cheat’ the system. Regular players suggest employing the following tactics to improve your chances of winning (although, of course, this isn’t proven!):

  • Play in dual/both mode
  • Increase the value of your coins rather than the number (especially beneficial if you go on to land the ‘Money Wheel Bonus’)
  • Don’t select the glowing boxes in the ‘Click Me’ game- you’re guaranteed either a small or medium win that way

Of course, the strategies you choose to employ are completely up to you, your gauge of risk over reward and how lucky you are!

Good Girl, Bad Girl Jackpot

It’s not a jackpot in the traditional sense, like NetEnt’s Mega Fortune or Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, but Good Girl, Bad Girl does include a progressive jackpot as a feature within it’s Money Wheel Bonus. How much you could win will depend upon the size of your bet but, to win the top amount in this progressive jackpot, you’ll need to have been betting on max.

Good Girl, Bad Girl on Mobile

As with most Betsoft slots, Good Girl, Bad Girl is just as good on mobile as it is on desktop and tablet. Designed to be completely mobile compatible, Good Girl, Bad Girl can be played on iPhone, Android, whichever mobile device you favour- so you can play this Betsoft slot from wherever you may be.

Good Girl, Bad Girl RTP

Good Girl, Bad Girl can, of course, be played either in Good Mode or Bad Mode (or a combination of the two) and, as such, will vary in both volatility and payout frequency. That being said, RTP is calculated on the law of averages and, on average, playing Good Girl, Bad Girl and spending €100, €97.80 could come back to you- with an RTP of 97.8%.

That being said, for an average to be calculated, some players need to have won far more, and others far less. Whichever way you look at it, in slot terms, an RTP of 97.8% makes this slot a tempting proposition.

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