Viking Runecraft

Viking Runecraft

Viking Runecraft, designed by Play n Go, is one of their flagship games. It’s inspired by Norse Mythology. It delivers a thrilling gaming experience through beautiful visuals, faithful representations of mythology, and an impressive array of special features.


Viking Runecraft Free Spins

Viking Runecraft’s signature gameplay does away with free spins in the traditional sense of the word. However, the closest features to that are the following 2:

  • Cascading Symbols – Every time a winning combination of symbols is achieved, those same symbols vanish from the screen and new ones fall to replenish the grid
  • Ragnarok – This is activated either by winning on 20 symbols during the Charge of Destruction feature or by winning on 40 symbols before activating the Charge of Destruction. After no more wins are made during the Ragnarok free round, every 1 of the 4 Charge of Destruction modes are activated in turn. Also, a multiplier of x15 is applied during this mode.

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Viking Runecraft Slot

Viking Runecraft is a Norse Mythology-themed slot by Play n Go. It’s one of the most beautifully designed and special feature-rich games to come out of this provider’s collective creative hive. The game features imagery and symbols staple to Norse Mythology such as some of the main gods, items associated to each one of them, runestones, and more.

It uses the Cascading Symbols game mechanic and does away with conventional reels. At face value, this type of game plays out like a sort of Candy Crush. It features a 7×7 grid and every time you press the ‘spin button’, all symbols are replaced by new ones. A win is made by getting 5 identical symbols adjacent to each other vertically and/or horizontally. However, when a winning combination is made, those same symbols vanish and new ones fall from the top to replenish the reels. This continues as long as consecutive wins are made.

Symbols and Features

Viking Runecraft’s 7×7 grid and Cascading Symbols basic game mechanic comes with several adjustable settings, special features and possibilities for winning big.

High-Paying Symbols and Bet Settings

In Viking Runecraft. the highest-paying symbol is Thor’s Hammer. A winning combination of 15 symbols or more pays out €100,000 when your betting value is set at max.

  • Bet value – 0.10 to 100.00

Autoplay also allows you to tweak settings in quite a few ways to personalise your play style:

  • Autoplay – 10 to 50 spins

And you can have the game stop autoplay by tweaking the following settings:

  • If single win exceeds (amount)
  • If balance increases by (amount)
  • If balance decreases by (amount)
  • On any win
  • If bonus game is won
  • If free spins are won

Special Features

Let’s take a look at special features now. Viking Runecraft packs a wealth of special features, some of which include other features within themselves or lead towards others. All of these features, however, tap into Norse Mythology and symbology to deliver an experience that is both fun and also arguably faithful in representation. Let’s take a look:

Gift of the Gods: 1 of 4 features that triggers randomly  after a non-winning round:

  • God of Thunder (Thor) – Lighting strikes to create 5 to 9 wild symbols
  • God of Wisdom (Odin) – 4 wilds are created in groups of 2
  • Goddess of Beauty (Freya) – Light creates wild symbols in 4 clusters until at least 1 win is achieved
  • God of Guarding (Heimdall) – 1 wild symbol on each row is created

Level: Patterns in the background can be cleared to move up levels. Every time this is done, a new god appears to the side of the grid. There are 4 in all.

Runes of Valhalla: Collecting all 5 Rune Stones by winning with combinations of each one triggers the Runes of Valhalla feature. There’s a meter in the top left corner that indicates this. Collected stones will activate winning spaces on the bonus wheel. By hitting any of these activated winning spaces, you win the bonus. The bonus grows by 12% of symbol win amounts.

Charge of Destruction: The Charge of Destruction meter is filled up whenever wins are made. 20 wins are needed to fill it up completely. This activates 1 of 4 special features:

  • Fury of Fenrir – 4 diagonal lines are selected. 2 are removed and another 2 are transformed to the same symbol
  • Judgement of Jörmungandr – A chain of symbols are selected, most of which are destroyed, while others are transformed to the same symbol
  • Scorching of Surtr – 3 different symbols are selected. Surrounding symbols are destroyed and the selected ones are duplicated
  • Lure of Loki – All of 2 different symbols are selected. One group is destroyed and the other transformed to the same symbol

Ragnarök: Ragnarök is triggered by winning on 40 symbols before Charge of Destruction or 20 additional symbols during the feature. When no more wins are made, a special Charge of Destruction feature is activated, with each 1 of 4 inherent features triggered consecutively. During Ragnarok, the multiplier charge increases to x15.

Viking Runecraft Jackpot

There is no jackpot in the traditional sense of the game. However, you can win up to 5000x your bet (not including the growing bonus and multipliers).

Viking Runecraft on Mobile

Viking Runecraft plays on all smart devices utilising major operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows as well as recognised browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer.

Viking Runecraft RTP

The RTP is set at 96.4%.