While it was no doubt one of the more popular methods of depositing money, the Ukash online casino sadly does not exist anymore due to the service’s merger with paysafecard. In its prime, paying at an online casino using Ukash was done by a multitude of players, serving not just its home country of the UK casinos but several regions around the world.

The way it worked involved purchasing unique 19-digit codes from outlets which represented a certain amount, before then quoting that same code to a recipient. We’ll give you a more detailed guide below. If you want to find a new payment mehtod, use our payment method tool

Ukash online casinos: The demise of a popular payment method

However, Ukash was taken over in April 2015 and merged with paysafecard. The two payment methods follow a very similar pattern, so it was thought that players would have little to no problems in making deposits as they always had before. Let’s take a look at how the Ukash online casino worked, why its demise occurred, and the present-day alternatives at your disposal for making a deposit.

What happened to Ukash as a deposit method?

Having been created in 2005 in the UK, Ukash looked to create another way to pay online rather than via card or e-wallet. Security regarding making payments over the internet was beginning to be heavily scrutinised, so Ukash gave people a different method which didn’t require personal information to be inputted or passwords to remember. Moreover, Ukash payments were completely anonymous.

Is Ukash Now Paysafecard?

Essentially, yes. After around 10 years in operation, it was announced that Ukash had been taken over by Skrill Group to be merged with paysafecard. The two competing services had incredibly similar characteristics – such as number of outlets, available regions, and usability – so it wasn’t too much of a surprise when the announcement came of the two’s fusion. While the UK company’s name is no longer in use, Ukash and paysafecard are pretty much the same service.

How deposits with Ukash were made

To make a deposit at a Ukash online casino (and now at a paysafecard online casino), gamers needed to purchase a voucher at one of the many outlets around the world. You could choose how much the voucher was worth, and redeemed all or part of it at your chosen Ukash online casino when making a deposit, subject to each platform’s policy.

How You Made a Deposit and Withdrawal with Ukash

To actually deposit your Ukash e-money into an online casino, you needed to select the payment method on the deposit page and enter the 19-digit code labelled on your voucher. After selecting the currency and amount, all you needed to do was confirm the transaction for the payment to be processed.

One of the huge advantages of using a Ukash online casino was that the money was instantly transferred into your player’s account, so there was no waiting around to play your favourite casino titles!

With regards to making a withdrawal, this is where using an online casino with Ukash was challenging. Unfortunately, there was no system in place for an online casino to payout using the same voucher/PIN code system, with Ukash players being forced to choose an alternative withdrawal method to access any winnings.

Minimum Deposit Amounts

Although the exact figure was determined by each individual gambling portal, Ukash online casinos generally used the €10-€20 bracket for minimum deposits. However, certain websites did use different amounts depending on each individual method, so you needed to keep a close eye to make sure you were paying enough into your account.

Deposit Bonuses When Using Ukash

If you were looking for a Ukash casino bonus, such as a Ukash welcome bonus or other promotion, there were plenty of options available – as you can see from our paysafecard payment page. The standard minimum deposit amounts were known to increase when activating Ukash casino bonuses too, although this was up to the online casinos themselves.

Online casinos that accepted Ukash as payment method

As Ukash was seen as a particularly safe way to make an internet payment, it was adopted by several online casinos. With the iGaming boom happening once the service was well established, both in the UK and around the world, certain players were keen to use a system that offered many advantages over card or e-wallets.

Such advantages included being able to pay anonymously, something that is still considered to be a huge asset in today’s iGaming world. Furthermore, there was no waiting time, with transactions happening immediately which allowed you to spin away in a matter of seconds.

Of course, the lack of withdrawal aspect admittedly turned some gamers towards other casino payment methods instead, but it was certainly used by a decent proportion. Again, continued acceptance of the near-identical payment service paysafecard is testament to this, with many major online casinos still offering it in the present.

With Ukash no more, you can use these payment methods instead

If you’re an experienced internet gambler who consistently used Ukash online casinos during their heyday, the natural alternative would be paysafecard. It uses pretty much the same system, except a shorter PIN code is used, and, as we’ve just mentioned, is regularly supported across the iGaming sphere.

Visa and MasterCard are probably the most widely accepted forms of deposit in the industry at this moment, and they’re also often given as withdrawal methods as well to reduce the need for a different service when accessing those coin wins. E-wallets, such as Skrill and Neteller, are popular choices too, offering instant payments for those who want to get in on the action quickly.

For those who enjoyed Ukash’s anonymity, Bitcoin is an iGaming payment method that has been threatening to revolutionise the industry for a while now. Although only a handful of online casinos currently accept it, this is set to continually expand over the months and years as more players switch over to cryptocurrencies. However, a lot depends on other industries adopting these virtual currencies alongside online gambling, as

Overall, while the Ukash online casino has been missed, there are plenty of substitutes that are more than worthy of your time.

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