How to find live casino promotions

How to find live casino promotions

Live dealer games are continuing to grow in popularity, with many players turning to this hi-tech genre to combine the convenience of online gambling with the social side of real venue play.

Casinos like to offer players promotions and bonuses to add value to the gambling experience and a growing number have started to provide promotional opportunities geared specifically towards live casino play.

In this article, we are going to explore the different sorts of promotions players are likely to see at online casinos that offer live dealer games.

Different promotions for live casino games

The world of online gambling is a big and varied place, mostly thanks to the many different kinds of players who enjoy this exciting activity. With so many tastes to cater to, it’s no surprise that the industry has evolved and continues to innovate at such a rate.

Not so long ago, the only kind of promotion one could get were deposit bonuses and free spins bonuses or some combination of the two. For players interested in other games, there was little other choices.

Now, however, players can claim a multitude of bonuses specifically geared towards their kind of play and live casino game fans are no different. There are several kinds of live casino promotions available out there now!

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are still a popular choice but they are also available for live casino play. These are fairly common in casinos that serve table games and live games players primarily and are a great way to maximise on your time and money when playing at such a brand.

Welcome bonuses

New players can take advantage of welcome casino bonuses that include live casino games. While it is rare to see a welcome bonus specifically for use on live dealer titles, more casinos are allowing players to use the bonus cash awarded on table games and live games as well.

Live casino tournaments

While not strictly speaking a type of promotion, live casino tournaments are another opportunity to enjoy some exciting rewards on live play. These can take the form of wagering challenges, leaderboard competitions or any other kind of clever contest a casino can come up with.

Tournaments are particularly interesting because of the prizes they offer. While bonus cash and free rounds remain popular, some tournaments offer more creative prizes like vacation packages or tickets to events or even access to high-stakes games.


For players without much of a competitive streak, we highly recommend giveaway promotions. The only thing a player must do to be in with a chance for a prize is to simply participate. Usually random, these giveaways often award bonus cash, real cash or free rounds as prizes. These can also be referred to as ‘prize drop’ promotions, which do exactly the same thing.

How to find live casino promotions - don't miss any live casino offers

Don’t miss any live casino promotion

Because live casino promotions are less common than other kinds, it’s important that players remain informed on what is available so as not to miss any golden opportunities.

One way to stay up to date is to read our weekly promo roundups over in our Promos section. These articles include information on all kinds of promotions and the JohnSlots team tries hard to include a variety of options each week.

If you have already found a live casino site you are happy with, make sure to sign up for any email or text message communications from the brand. Casinos often send players exclusive promotions or give them early access in this way. Remember to whitelist those emails in your inbox!

Of course, players should also regularly visit casinos’ Promotions pages. New casinos in particular are always keen to draw attention to their products and so are more likely to offer a variety of live casino opportunities.


The live casino genre continues to grow and diversify, which means more players are being drawn to this modern type of play. As a result, casino brands are adapting to this trend by developing better and more frequent promotions and bonuses for these players.

Players can now look forward to having the same kind of variety of live casino promotional options as for slots and table games.