4. Skrill

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Skrill is a UK-based online payments company, regulated by the FCA and licensed to operate within the European Union (EU). Like PayPal, it’s easy to set up – write in your username, password, contact details and personal information, verify your email, and add your funding sources, and you’re ready to go.

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Skrill accounts can be topped up using a credit or debit card, or directly from a bank account – or a wide range of other means. Once it’s in your Skrill account, it’s easy to pay deposits into the significant proportion of gaming sites that take Skrill as an option.

Many casinos take Skrill as a standard payment. Where it is not immediately available, you may need to choose “e-wallets” and select Skrill from the list.

Depositing is a case of just inputting the payment desired and your email, and withdrawals are free, making it straightforward to use.

JohnSlots Gambling Guide Skrill Setup

Skrill in a Nutshell

  • Free payments
  • VIP programs if making larger payments
  • Fees attached to certain payments
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What are the Advantages of Skrill?

Almost all UK gaming operators accept Skrill, making it a very convenient payment method if you’re using multiple sites.

But the stand-out point of Skrill is to do with its costs. Signing up for an account is free, as is topping it up by bank transfer or by Maestro. Withdrawals and deposits are free too - meaning Skrill is also very cheap compared with other e-wallets.

There’s further good news for anyone who wants to make larger payments to an online casino with Skrill: Skrill offers a VIP program for those who make higher payments, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond memberships depending on the size of payments made. These VIP accounts support multiple currencies and offer reduced fees on premium payments, with some becoming entirely free in higher plans.

In terms of security, online casino Skrill deposits are regulated by the FCA in the UK, ensuring strong security right out of the gate.

For those wishing to increase their security, you can use a Skrill Security Token, which generates one-time-use codes that must be entered during payments to proceed. Those using the Security Token are covered by a 100% money-back guarantee in the case of unauthorised account access.

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What are the Disadvantages of Skrill?

The most immediate issue with Skrill for many people is that it may be less commonly used by operators outside of the UK, and it is not backed by banks in financial support or administration. This means its availability is limited outside of UK or European sites.

It’s also important to be aware of fees, though with forward thinking they aren’t an issue. As mentioned already, it’s possible to deposit and withdraw fees from Skrill without incurring any costs. But payment methods outside of bank transfers and Maestro will mean you’re charged up to 7.5% at maximum – which may also apply when withdrawing funds from the Skrill account to a bank or credit account.