Slow playing in online poker

The main way to accomplish this goal is to know how to exploit the small edges most other gamblers don’t know how to apply. In this article, we will be highlighting simple strategy tips on how to boost your profit margins in low stakes cash games.

Maximise your value

Hand reading in online poker

You must get the most out of your opponents when you have the best hand. Good hands don’t come by too often and one of the biggest errors that gamblers make at these limits is to slow play or not to bet enough.

One way to do this is to maximise your value preflop. If you have a top pair or better, just bet. Relying on the strength of your hand as well as how the board would run out, you can always opt to check back on a turn or a river.

Still, your main aim should be to maximise the value when you have a good hand. And since many players like to call at these stakes, you can always bet and raise.

Know when to fold

Before anything, you need to understand the type of player you are competing against and to learn more about the types of bets they are placing.

If you learn to recognize the player types at the table, then you’ll know exactly what your next move should be. If your opponents start raising you on the turn and river, there’s a good chance they have a big hand.

One common characteristic of the majority of online poker players at lower stakes is passive play so you can rest assured that if they’re raising you, they have the best hand.

If you unable, somehow, of folding any hand at lower stakes, you will also be able to pick off a few bluffs but you will still lose more often to a better hand.

Do not tilt

Time and time again we have stressed the importance of keeping your emotions in check. Controlling your emotions is one of the most important steps in small stakes cash games since tilt kills your bankroll.

When you are playing against bad opponents who tend to call, you are more likely to get beaten. They might hit a two pair on the river to ultimately beat you.

Of course, this works either way. They are also more likely to miss hitting their two pair as well. This is why we must stress the importance of getting the best value out of them when possible.

Since the game of online poker is an extremely stressful game with its ups and down, you need to be prepared for when things don’t go your way. If you feel like you are growing increasingly frustrated, then you must have a quitting strategy in place.

The biggest problem when it comes to online poker is tilting. Things are bound to go bad in poker regardless, but if you lose your patience and throw your money away by making bad calls, this will deplete your bankroll much quickly.

Additionally, most online poker player fail to take into consideration how their emotions and tilt have an abysmal effect on your poker decision. If you want to win at this game, you need to learn on how to stay cool when things go bad.

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