8. Sofort

Sofort Payment Set Up Guide Online Casino

Known as Pay Now By Klarna in Belgium, France, Italy and Spain, and Sofort in Austria and Germany, Sofort is a system that uses your bank details to make a payment online. It requires no set up in advance – just select Sofort when making a payment, and have your bank details to hand.

Sofort takes your bank login details and then makes the payment through their own system rather than that of your bank. They then take on guarantees for the payment for both you as the user and for the gaming site as the merchant, in order to ensure both sides are more secure.

It is, however, only available to certain eligible banks across Europe – ensure you find out whether yours is one of them in advance!

Sofort Gambling Setup
Sofort Payment Method Set Up Choice

As mentioned above, there’s no set up required to use Sofort. If your gaming site offers it as a payment option, simply select it when making your deposit and fill in your details in order to make a payment through the secure system. If you have a bonus code, make sure you use this too.

You’ll be redirected to the Sofort web page, where you will need to enter yours or the account holder’s name, number, clearing number, and any comments. Login to your online banking, confirm the deposit amount using the Transaction Number, and you’ll receive a confirmation instantly and return to the gaming site page.

Sofort in a Nutshell

  • High Security System
  • Regulated by banks
  • Not universally available
Sofort Payment Method Successful

What are the Advantages of Sofort?

Sofort is both fast and secure. Used internationally in Europe, it’s subject to regulation by a number of different financial authorities and the banks which allow its use, ensuring that it’s safe for users across the continent.

Payments are made instantly and have no fees associated with them, which means it’s a very convenient way to fund your gaming accounts on any sites which offer Sofort as an option.

Sofort Payment Method Unsuccessful

What are the Disadvantages of Sofort?

While effective on deposits, Sofort does not allow for receiving withdrawals at this time. This means that to collect any winnings, you’ll need an alternative payment method.

Additionally, while Sofort is popular across a number of European countries, there are many others which may not support it within their banks. Make sure you find out whether your bank is supported before you try to use Sofort as a primary method of payment.