4 online casino games you can beat

4 online casino games you can beat

Every player who signs up to an online casino to play games knows that they are playing against the house edge. The house edge already sets off the player with a disadvantage but there is a loophole. You can easily reduce the house edge and successfully beat the system to give you the best possible chance of snatching wins. Read on to learn more.

Online casino games that you can beat

Let’s kick off by mentioning the online casino games you can easily beat:

  • Online Blackjack
  • Online Craps
  • Online Roulette
  • Online Slots

We should also point out that beating the system would require months of training to successfully implement these strategies. If you are a beginner at a specific table game, it would be best to have a general knowledge of the game first and to have months of intense play.

Beating the game of online blackjack

One of the most loved table games around the world, online blackjack is a fairly easy game to comprehend and to grasp. You first need to learn how to play the game to fully comprehend how to win it and ultimately beat the system.

One of the systems used in beating blackjack is card counting which is a classic mathematical low to high ratio of cards that remain in the deck. It ultimately determines your advantage over the house and vice versa. This does not apply when it comes to online blackjack since it’s all digital but it’s worth mentioning.

There are other methods that have been used by blackjack players in the past and which can be applied to today’s modern gaming environment. Shuffle tracking was quite popular in the 90s but has been countered by many online casinos with more complex shuffles. Key card sequencing was also another technique applied to predict when an Ace would crop up. This technique has also been reduced due to the complexity of shuffles.

Another method is hole carding. This rather complex technique is used to determine what the dealer’s down card is. We say it’s complex since the card cannot be determined for each hand. It should also be pointed out that hole-carding opportunities arise in shoe game when cards are dealt out using a pitch layout. This works when there is not enough room left for the dealer to slide his cards in front of the player’s cards.

Beating the game of online roulette

There are a number of ways you can beat the online casino game of roulette. One of the easiest ways of beating the system is based on simple mathematics. You lose an average of 2 out of 36 spins, assuming that the two players bet opposite one another in a black and red or 1-18 and 19-36. Although a losing bet, you ultimately make up for the losses later.

Predicting the outcome of the wheel is another way of beating the system. You need to know the roulette odds for you to make a neat profit. You can read more about roulette odds here.

Beating the game of online craps

Similar to the game of online blackjack, the game of craps needs quite some time and financial investment to beat the system. Most importantly, you first need to learn how to play the game of online craps and to practise, practise, practise.

If on the other hand, your bankroll is limited, you should try to limit the amount you place on the lay unless you want to be pushed out after a bad roll. If you are looking for more action at the table, stick to the Place and Lay Bets. Most importantly, walk away once you have made a substantial win or you could end up losing it all. Cash your winnings and walk away. We have a whole  section dedicated for online craps guides and strategies.

Beating the game of online slots

Besides the obvious bankroll management, one of the main ways of being successful at online slots is to bet on a few paylines instead of all paylines when taking into consideration the cost per bet. Truth be told, that the more paylines you bet on, the bigger your chances of hitting a winning combination or perhaps a jackpot.

The best way for you to make a fat profit is to bet the maximum amount per bet. Don’t mistake betting four €0.25 to being the same as betting one €1.00 coin, as both can produce different results.

Online slots tend to offer identical payouts whether you bet 1, 2 or more coins but increasing the multiplier you are winning by. So if you bet one coin, you will multiply your winnings by 1x while betting three coins guarantees winnings by 3x.

Want to learn more about online casino games? Read more strategies and tips and when you are ready to play with real money, sign up for a top casino bonus at one of our trusted online casinos.