7 persuading reasons to play table games

If you love slot games but are looking for a challenge or two, then table games are the way to go. Not only are they a staple favourite among many players who are seeking skill-based games, but by adopting a strategy, you have a bigger chance of winning. Read our 7 reasons why tables games offer an overall gaming experience.

  • Better winning opportunities

We didn’t make this up. Based on a mathematical and statistical fact, it is just easier to win at table games than it is at casino slot games. Most table games were created with older players in mind that had little or no built-in house edge.  Over time, online casinos and game providers altered the games to make them more profitable for them, but without messing about with the formulas. Table games are also much easier to re-invent for multiple variations.

  • Strategic planning

One of the biggest joys of table games is the fact that they allow you to put your skills to the test. If you properly strategise when playing games, you have a higher probability of winning. Almost each table game has an optimal strategy that lowers the house edge considerably.

  • Lower volatility

The great thing about table games is that you are less likely to lose a huge chunk of money playing table games when compared to playing slot machines. If you are well invested in a game, then you should be able to win a great deal especially if you apply a strategy. On the other hand, slot games rarely pay out. They give you either a small percentage of the bet back or else a lump sum after you have played for a bit.

  • No Random Number Generator (RNG)

If you are playing at a live casino, you know that it’s as authentic as it gets. There is no random number generator when it comes to a live casino so you know that it’s very much genuine, fair, and random.

  • A slower pace leads to a more enjoyable experience

Unlike slot machines, the gaming experience when it comes to table games is more contemplative. Less or slower action means that there is a less chance of the house edge working against you. It is ultimately less profitable for casinos, even though some games such as roulette are games of chance.

  • Big wins

Because some table games are skill games (such as poker), there are usually much fewer people playing them when compared to slot machines even though slots lure players with lucrative jackpots. Theoretically, hitting a jackpot occurs less frequently than advertised, so statistically, you are more likely to boost your bankroll with table games.

  • Chat with other players

If you don’t want to get dressed up to go to a casino, you can still enjoy the authentic casino experience by chatting with other players at the table. You can meet and interact with other players, just as you would at a land-based casino.

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